Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Payback's a Bitch!

This is what I arrived at work to see this morning (excuse the poor quality of my phone pics - there are better ones floating around, if I can just get them....)
My parking spot, complete with Handicap Sign and a walker with a black balloon drawing attention to it from anywhere in the parking lot...
After I hobbled out of my car, bypassing the walker - I did later offer to bring it up to the door for everyone else to use, if they needed to :)

Of course, the obligatory forest of black balloons - this one tied to me door (the signs ont he door are all mine - I like to keep the night crew entertained, or teach English as a Second Language)

More balloons, and shiny metallic 40s hanging from my ceiling. Not shown: the REALLLLLYYYY bright work lamp that was placed over my mouse, which actually kept me pretty warm until I figured I'd better turn it off....

They had the mail girl deliver me a FedEx box, containing denture adhesive, some incontinence pads, ice gel for my aching joints, and a packet of mineral salts for bathing away my aches and pains. Since I rolled my ankle really badly the other day, and it's now all black and purple, the icy gel might actually come in handy :)

This was my desk chair, but as I was slightly disturbed by it, I begged for my chair back; this is now my visitor chair, which of course, my boss had to come use to do his impression of The Thinker.

Oh, silly people, I have a very good memory, and as one of the "decorators" has her 50 coming up in 2 years - I'll start planning now....