Monday, July 26, 2010

Triple Chocolate Cake - the Last July Update

Well, this was a quick month - don't know why, exactly, was kind of busy, but not unusually so. Kids go back to school two weeks from today; I'm ready for them to be out of the house, but not looking forward to having to get them up, or lunch money. Right now, I'm just tired of the heat - which is odd coming from me, I know - but wow, I am SO OVER the freaking humidity and heat indexes between 105 and 110. Tired of the smell of this place in late summer - scorched earth, mildew and rot, and hot asphalt. Yuck. Gotta get back out west where I belong, where 115 is much more tolerable than 95 here because of the lower humidity.

Anyway, here's the chocolate cake I mentioned last week - since I got one whole piece out of last week's, I decided to make another one. I got my one piece last night - we'll see if there's any left next time I want some. Since this really is about the only chocolate cake I will eat - only because it has fudge in it and on it :) Not that big a fan of chocolate - I like chocolate, not chocolate-flavored things.

As for the week's stitching, there are little bits of lots of things :) I had Tuesday off to take the Kid to his senior pictures, and I also got to meet Lyne Thursday, finally, who was in Atlanta with her husband, attending an Audi thing before heading out to Tybee Island for some R&R. I also went to Monday's stitch in at the Stitch Store, as well as our monthly PINS get together on Saturday. Maybe that's why July blew past so fast, maybe I've been busier than I thought? So where to start? I guess I'll start small and work my way up...

First up - Ink Spot 11. I was working on this while the Kid was getting his pictures taken; one of the boys he's gone to school with forever says "What you working on there, Ms. Rife?" So I showed him,and he looked at it, back to me, back to the paper of what it's supposed to be, then back at me, and said " do... um, how do you...?" I told him, you pick a starting place, and then everything is counted from there. He shook his head and said it was neat - but I heard "Yeah, you're nuts". LOL But hey, he looked at it - that's more than I can say for my own kid. Hey Maurice, if you need to be adopted, let me know! I also worked on IS 11 for a few minutes at PINS on Saturday, to finish the area I was in.

At Monday night's stitch in, I worked on two things - first, Secret Garden. I finished the tiny Smyrna stitch band below the gate - it's done in the first DMC Variation I subbed in, and looks a tiny bit bright right now - but those same DMC solids are used elsewhere, so am hoping it all pulls together then. Also go the first line of verse in.

Then I put that up and worked on Tanglewood a bit more, getting that branch filled in more. I need to contrive to have a larger set of Qsnaps with me for it - but I seem to have all my less-than-17x17 sets in use... Anyway, hope to work on it some more at tonight's stitch in, start the next branches up.

Over the weekend, at PINS (Purple Iris Needlework Society), I took Natalie's RR along, and worked on that there and yesterday, too. I got three more motifs done and am now debating which way to go on it :) Decisions, decisions. I don't want to repeat any color I've already used, so letting that be my guide :) I reallllyyyy like this chart - makes me want to get Garden Stars kitted & going - but Anatolia gets to go next! Because I don't quite have enough Ink Circles in my life at the moment - did you see the new SYHO pieces for August? LOVE THEM!

And lastly, Medieval Town Mandala - I worked on that middle building ALL WEEK (when I was home) and STILL didn't get it all the way done! Though, I do only have the Jesscia stitches to do for the windows. Then I can move on to the rest of town 4, and who knows, maybe have it done this time next week? Then the 4 corners, which I plan to do each one in it's entirety, not by the last 3 parts. Maybe. We'll see. Here's the overall:

And the detail of this corner:

MTM stays out this week, and we'll see what else I get into. Fortunately, nothing's hollering at me to start right now, not even the Halloween stuff, which is good, since 6 Bats would like to be finished. After the kids get settled into school, I need to get some stuff into frames. I'm not going to the fair this year - nothing done in allotted time that I want to take, so just never mind this year. there's one less thing I have to contend with in coming weeks - getting soccer season going will more than fill that gap.Well, that's the news. Happy stitching - stay cool, if you can.

Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Weeks to School - an Update

No, no food this week - same old, same old. Though I did make a triple chocolate cake yesterday, but it's already half gone, so not really picture-worthy at this point :) A kid will probably have it for breakfast today... And yes, only 3 more weeks before school starts here. I am not ready - don't have stuff bought yet, don't feel like getting them up again, not ready to give up my free child labor, especially in the laundry department - since most of of it is theirs....

(yes, that's a dandelion, the much maligned scourge of lawns everywhere - and fun for macro photography, WHEN you don't have a dog trying to take your arm off...)

On to the stitching. I think it is safe to say the slump is over :) I had a finish - Sonnet 18 by The Bard is now complete, and will be a companion to the Papillon Creations Romeo & Juliet pieces I have waiting, if I can decide on fabric for them. I am thinking Days Gone By for them, but since both contain yellows, not sure that's the right color. Might need to stick with something way more neutral. Anyway, here's the finished Sonnet, done on 28ct Chocolate from Silkweaver's (an RAK from Viv in the UK - thank you again!), using Carrie's silk in an LE color, Chestnuts:

Now, the only reason I finished the Sonnet was because I, ummm, *cough* started a new project last week, so was feeling guilty that my travel bag is FULL. Patricia Ann's A Secret Garden has been on my To Do list ever since I picked it up off the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby. And frankly I just got tired of listening to it whine, so Monday, I got home from work, walked straight over to the file cabinet, and pulled it out. Next thing you know, it was started. And I got the green vine all done before I decided it was not perfectly centered (I measured in from the corner, instead of starting in the middle); I was close, but being just perceptibly uneven would bug me, so I took out the vine, and starting in the middle, redid the left side, then the right side. That's better :) So by doing the gate then, too, the top band is now done:

This is on a piece of Star Sapphire 28ct jobelan that I have leftover from Knotgarden, using DMC, though I am going to add DMC Variations into the specialty stitch bands here & there. Might have to dig through the Carrie's, too, maybe :)

It was all I could do to not start another project, Vickery's Dragonflies, so to put that urge off, I worked on Natalie's RR instead. Her first piece was already completed, so I get first crack at her 2nd one for this year, Ink Circle's Second Chances :) You know, the one with all the PURPLES in it :) :) I got a few motifs done on Sunday afternoon. I want to work down to that bottom right motif, but it's a long way away...

I want that bottom right motif to be recreated in sterling silver, to be used for chandelier earrings :) Much smaller, of course - don't want to pull any neck muscles hauling big-ass earrings around :)

When I wasn't working on the things above, I was working on Medieval Town still, and am now to the dreaded middle building side 4. I will keep on with it this week and see if I can get that damn thing done - I will be so glad to put that particular building behind me! Here's just the shot of where I worked - the overall still looks like it did last time (which is code for I was too lazy to take this out of the Qs for an overall picture :) ):

And that's it. I didn't go to stitch in last week - barometer headache - so no update on Tanglewood. I am planning to go tonight, though, so plan to work on that then. Unless something else screams louder. Continue on with MTM, and who knows what? I have tomorrow off - Kid has senior pictures at noon, and I need a day off that doesn't involve driving all over ATL for doctor's appointments :) And Lyne will be in Atlanta this week, so I am planning to take Thursday afternoon off to go meet her, finally - though DH thinks I am meeting a guy instead. Idiot.And PINS meets this weekend - I can't wait! We always have such a good time! Anyway, check back next week to see what actually gets done - hopefully no new starts, though Glendon Place has 2 new awesome Halloween releases, so I am kind of itching to get 6 Bats out & finished as start the 2 GP's I have kitted :) Yeah, I'm an addict - but last I heard, cross stitch never killed anyone :) Made dinner late a few times, but too bad, huh? Well, happy stitching until next week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Monday Update - HOT!

Continuing the food-themed updates lately, here's some cucumber & onions:

This is all mine, no one else here will eat it. What is wrong with people? Well, since cucumbers don't like me so much, I probably shouldn't eat it, either - but they are so good!

Like many places, it's hot, as can be expected in summer. I could use a few days of cloud cover, as that keeps the house cooler than the sun beating on it all afternoon - will NOT have a south facing house ever again :( Of course, if those trees I'd asked for many years ago had gotten planted, we'd have shade on the front, but.... Yep, ready to get on past August and the first half of September - though I hate to wish away time, not having enough of it as it is. And September 11th is not only Cass & Sheryl's birthday, it's also my 10-year anniversary at The Job. I got to pick my prize the other day - a nice shiny leather laptop bag :) I guess since I got 2 new computers last year, I probably shouldn't ask for one this year, unless I really do blow one up. Again :) Hey, it's my JOB to break stuff :) :) though I prefer to break other people's stuff - keeps them from doing damage, you see... Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain! *

Anyway, on to the stitching bits.... Clicky piccies for bigger version.

I took Tanglewood to the day stitch in at the Stitch Store last Monday, as I had that day off for the July 4th holiday. I got the next branch completely outlined, and half filled in.

I don't know if I am going to go tonight, or not - might take this week off; and if the thunderstorms they say we are supposed to have do actually show up this time, I will probably have another barometer headache, so might be best to just take a week off. Hmmmm....

The Kid had a doctor's appointment this week, so while waiting, I also got out that Ink Spot 11, and got the 2nd coat on the purple (after I'd decided I wanted 2 strands instead of 1), and started a section of the 4th color, before I had to put it down. No idea what I'm doing with this when I get it done - but who cares about that? It's such a neat design!

And then I continued work on MTM, though there were a couple of nights I just didn't get to it - too tired, too hot, too many other things going on. But I do have a good jump on town #4, and plan to keep it out for a while longer. Here's the overall:

And the detail of that corner:

Other than MTM, I have no other plans for the week, though I expect I'll get Natalie's RR shortly, and look forward to working on yet another Ink Circles design :) Gearing up for school to start on August 9th - already! We have senior pictures one day next week - and bad hair :( And I need to get the U19 team updated and get it ready to go - tournament season is right around the corner. I guess the quiet is over, again. Until next week, happy stitching everyone!

* Wizard of Oz, anyone???

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I think the garden spiders are really wondering what happened to the lilies.... These 3 are in the pokers & cannas by the front porch.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Potato Salad and Independence - an Update

Don't know why potato salad goes with Independence Day, but it does :) So, here's potato salad:

In the immortal words of Samwise Gamgee, potatoes: "Po-tay-toes! Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew..." I have a gif of that around here somewhere...

Also note the Pyrex bowl the po-tay-toe salad is in; bought about the time I appeared, via Green Stamps. Remember those? Well, you kids don't, but I do... It's the official Potato Salad Bowl of the Seibert/Williams family for 40-some years.

And look what else - this is a Sunday update... on a SUNDAY!! But since it's a Holiday Sunday, I can make an exception! And as it is Independence Day, I will post here my favorite Independence Day quote that wouldn't fit on my FB page - from President Whitmore in Independence Day the movie:
"Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"

I love that movie :)

Anyway, on to the stitching bits. Guess what? I finished the 3rd town on MTM!!! And I'm keeping it out to start work on the 4th one!!! I love this project! And it wants to be worked on, since I seem to be using the screaming rotation method now... Here it is:

And this is the 3rd town completed (still not sure about the metallic in the roof of the edge buildings, but whatever):

Another of Martina's lovely mistake-ridden charts - the little brown pointed roof bit on those edge buildings was only on the one on the right on the chart; if I hadn't been looking at the right side to see how I'd done the backstitching, I wouldn't have seen it - until posting the picture, when I usually see my hose-ups....

I took Tanglewood to the Monday nigh stitch in at the Stitch Store again, and despite the barometer headache from hell, I got another branch filled in. I left early, in an attempt to come home & go to bed early (which didn't happen, but what else is new?), or I would have started the outline of the next one that criss crosses that one. I assume I will take this with me tomorrow, too.

And I worked on the little Ink Spot during lunch a couple of times; I started out using one strand, then decided I'd rather have 2, so went over one section already with the 2nd, have the purple to go back over still. This is so bright - I love the redder color - it is 817; I don't think I've used it before on anything - I had to go get it at HL.

And that's it. As I said, MTM is staying out until... whenever. I suspect I'll get my next RR piece soon, so we'll see what that is and when I'll get some in on it. That's as far as I'm willing to go towards plans. Not much else to report here - SSDD, though it has been mercifully cooler - only in the mid-to-upper 80s! I have a suspicion we're goingt o pay for this respite come August... but until then, happy stitching!