Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Monday Update - HOT!

Continuing the food-themed updates lately, here's some cucumber & onions:

This is all mine, no one else here will eat it. What is wrong with people? Well, since cucumbers don't like me so much, I probably shouldn't eat it, either - but they are so good!

Like many places, it's hot, as can be expected in summer. I could use a few days of cloud cover, as that keeps the house cooler than the sun beating on it all afternoon - will NOT have a south facing house ever again :( Of course, if those trees I'd asked for many years ago had gotten planted, we'd have shade on the front, but.... Yep, ready to get on past August and the first half of September - though I hate to wish away time, not having enough of it as it is. And September 11th is not only Cass & Sheryl's birthday, it's also my 10-year anniversary at The Job. I got to pick my prize the other day - a nice shiny leather laptop bag :) I guess since I got 2 new computers last year, I probably shouldn't ask for one this year, unless I really do blow one up. Again :) Hey, it's my JOB to break stuff :) :) though I prefer to break other people's stuff - keeps them from doing damage, you see... Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain! *

Anyway, on to the stitching bits.... Clicky piccies for bigger version.

I took Tanglewood to the day stitch in at the Stitch Store last Monday, as I had that day off for the July 4th holiday. I got the next branch completely outlined, and half filled in.

I don't know if I am going to go tonight, or not - might take this week off; and if the thunderstorms they say we are supposed to have do actually show up this time, I will probably have another barometer headache, so might be best to just take a week off. Hmmmm....

The Kid had a doctor's appointment this week, so while waiting, I also got out that Ink Spot 11, and got the 2nd coat on the purple (after I'd decided I wanted 2 strands instead of 1), and started a section of the 4th color, before I had to put it down. No idea what I'm doing with this when I get it done - but who cares about that? It's such a neat design!

And then I continued work on MTM, though there were a couple of nights I just didn't get to it - too tired, too hot, too many other things going on. But I do have a good jump on town #4, and plan to keep it out for a while longer. Here's the overall:

And the detail of that corner:

Other than MTM, I have no other plans for the week, though I expect I'll get Natalie's RR shortly, and look forward to working on yet another Ink Circles design :) Gearing up for school to start on August 9th - already! We have senior pictures one day next week - and bad hair :( And I need to get the U19 team updated and get it ready to go - tournament season is right around the corner. I guess the quiet is over, again. Until next week, happy stitching everyone!

* Wizard of Oz, anyone???


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely stiching - cucumber and onions sounds just wonderful - will be giving that a try, no matter what it does to my digestion system, lol :)

Cathy said...

Great updates. Stay cool.