Monday, July 26, 2010

Triple Chocolate Cake - the Last July Update

Well, this was a quick month - don't know why, exactly, was kind of busy, but not unusually so. Kids go back to school two weeks from today; I'm ready for them to be out of the house, but not looking forward to having to get them up, or lunch money. Right now, I'm just tired of the heat - which is odd coming from me, I know - but wow, I am SO OVER the freaking humidity and heat indexes between 105 and 110. Tired of the smell of this place in late summer - scorched earth, mildew and rot, and hot asphalt. Yuck. Gotta get back out west where I belong, where 115 is much more tolerable than 95 here because of the lower humidity.

Anyway, here's the chocolate cake I mentioned last week - since I got one whole piece out of last week's, I decided to make another one. I got my one piece last night - we'll see if there's any left next time I want some. Since this really is about the only chocolate cake I will eat - only because it has fudge in it and on it :) Not that big a fan of chocolate - I like chocolate, not chocolate-flavored things.

As for the week's stitching, there are little bits of lots of things :) I had Tuesday off to take the Kid to his senior pictures, and I also got to meet Lyne Thursday, finally, who was in Atlanta with her husband, attending an Audi thing before heading out to Tybee Island for some R&R. I also went to Monday's stitch in at the Stitch Store, as well as our monthly PINS get together on Saturday. Maybe that's why July blew past so fast, maybe I've been busier than I thought? So where to start? I guess I'll start small and work my way up...

First up - Ink Spot 11. I was working on this while the Kid was getting his pictures taken; one of the boys he's gone to school with forever says "What you working on there, Ms. Rife?" So I showed him,and he looked at it, back to me, back to the paper of what it's supposed to be, then back at me, and said " do... um, how do you...?" I told him, you pick a starting place, and then everything is counted from there. He shook his head and said it was neat - but I heard "Yeah, you're nuts". LOL But hey, he looked at it - that's more than I can say for my own kid. Hey Maurice, if you need to be adopted, let me know! I also worked on IS 11 for a few minutes at PINS on Saturday, to finish the area I was in.

At Monday night's stitch in, I worked on two things - first, Secret Garden. I finished the tiny Smyrna stitch band below the gate - it's done in the first DMC Variation I subbed in, and looks a tiny bit bright right now - but those same DMC solids are used elsewhere, so am hoping it all pulls together then. Also go the first line of verse in.

Then I put that up and worked on Tanglewood a bit more, getting that branch filled in more. I need to contrive to have a larger set of Qsnaps with me for it - but I seem to have all my less-than-17x17 sets in use... Anyway, hope to work on it some more at tonight's stitch in, start the next branches up.

Over the weekend, at PINS (Purple Iris Needlework Society), I took Natalie's RR along, and worked on that there and yesterday, too. I got three more motifs done and am now debating which way to go on it :) Decisions, decisions. I don't want to repeat any color I've already used, so letting that be my guide :) I reallllyyyy like this chart - makes me want to get Garden Stars kitted & going - but Anatolia gets to go next! Because I don't quite have enough Ink Circles in my life at the moment - did you see the new SYHO pieces for August? LOVE THEM!

And lastly, Medieval Town Mandala - I worked on that middle building ALL WEEK (when I was home) and STILL didn't get it all the way done! Though, I do only have the Jesscia stitches to do for the windows. Then I can move on to the rest of town 4, and who knows, maybe have it done this time next week? Then the 4 corners, which I plan to do each one in it's entirety, not by the last 3 parts. Maybe. We'll see. Here's the overall:

And the detail of this corner:

MTM stays out this week, and we'll see what else I get into. Fortunately, nothing's hollering at me to start right now, not even the Halloween stuff, which is good, since 6 Bats would like to be finished. After the kids get settled into school, I need to get some stuff into frames. I'm not going to the fair this year - nothing done in allotted time that I want to take, so just never mind this year. there's one less thing I have to contend with in coming weeks - getting soccer season going will more than fill that gap.Well, that's the news. Happy stitching - stay cool, if you can.


Terri said...

That cake is scrumpsious and your stitching is wonderful :)

Cathy said...

Great updates. You get way more done in a week than I do.