Monday, August 02, 2010

Crunch Time - An Update

School starts in T-minus 1 week! Not ready to have to get the grouches up in the morning, not looking forward to having to do laundry again, the dogs will HATE not having them there (even if they do completely ignore them all day), but I am ready for them to be on a schedule! And to stop eating everything in the house 2 days after I go to the store :)

Soccer starts this week - camp begins tonight. Not ready for it, either - haven't had time to go in and do much of anything managerial yet, but need to get on it, as we have a tournament next weekend. Blah - I'm over it... But it'll be my Big Kid's last season - as a Youth, anyway :( :(

On to the stitching - another week of bits & pieces, but including another small finish!!! And that finish is Ink Spot #11 from Ink Circles! These are colors I so would not ordinarily use - had to go buy one of them, actually - but I love them together :) Much brighter than my norm. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet - it might become a needlebook or something...

At Monday night's stitch in at the Stitch Store, I worked on both Tanglewood and Secret Garden. First, Tanglewood. I moved to the right on the bottom of the tree - I was going to work on the next branch up, but the whole thing wouldn't fit in the only Qsnap I had with me, and I hate moving the damn things when I have limited time, so I opted to work a different area. I might continue that area tonight, though I do already have bigger Qs packed in my bag :)

And speaking of Ink Circles, as there seems to be a LOT of IC WIPs lately - have you seen the new SYHO pieces from Tracy? Yep, I'm all over those! Remind me in a few months to come fix that link when she changes her home page, eh? :)

Secret Garden - got the next couple of bands done, including the over-1 Ladybug (called a ladybird on the chart, but that's not what we call them, so you get the idea :) The specialty stitch bands, once I figure them out, are pretty quick; Patricia Ann does include really great diagrams. That purpley-blue band is called Rapid Stitch - don't recall ever doing it before, but it was, as the name implies, pretty quick :) It's done in another of the DMC Variations I'm randomly subbing in :)

And then we have MTM, which did not get very much attention at all - had too much stuff going on during the week last week, so I just barely got the Jessicas put into the middle building, and then the next 2 building each partway done. Hopefully this week, between soccer stuff and getting ready for school, I'll get this town finished up.... And yes, the picture is it still wadded up in the Qs - I got the area needed perfectly centered this time, so I wasn't willing to hose that up just to take a bigger picture :)

And that's it. This week, continuing on MTM, Tanglewood, and maybe Secret Garden. I have this week & next before it's time to ship out my RR again, so I need to decide what my plan of attack is on Natalie's - I want to do a big motif - but I also want to do lots of small ones, so I can play with more colors. I can't do both in the time I have, so... decisions, decisions. Check back next week to see if I was able to make a decision - you just never know around here :) Happy stitching, everyone!


Terri said...

Great stitching Karen. I love all of it :)

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely stitching- that Ink Spot is great, must get that out! My kids have four and a half weeks holiday left!