Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sam & Ella - A Vaudeville Update

Or, actually, salmonella, doing a song & dance in my system! As in, I am home today with some lovely food poisoning!! Because we ate on the road all weekend, going back & forth to the first tournament of the season, and I think I picked up some not-quite-kosher carnitas at a Taco Hell yesterday. If you are familiar with Piqua, OH, we stopped in it's GA equivalent not once this weekend, but twice - I even said we were tempting fate eating in that town twice, and I am the only one paying the price. Yay me. Am I becoming more susceptible to this, or am I just coming into contact with it more? My fault, I failed to look for their report card when we walked in - it wasn't top of my to do list. Blech....

(yes, only in Georgia do we advertise a plastic shithouse with the nation's flag - I love living in the South, I really do)
Anyway, soccer tournament #1 outta the way - and it consumed my entire week, being at the park all night Tuesday, trying to get stuff together, spending all Thursday night making sure I had everything ready for check-in, spending Friday night trying to get to check-in, in the rain, then all weekend driving around in horrible weather all Saturday, when we got 3 1/2" of rain at the house, and who knows how much elsewhere. Got home about 8:30 Saturday night, had to go figure out what schedules had changed because of field closures, etc. Being The Manager, of course I had to let everyone know - so the new folks are going to have to figure out that I communicate by e-mail - I sure as hell am not calling 17 different families, especially those that don't habla. Repeat after me: Check Your E-mail Before You Walk Out The Door - especially now that I have an iphone :) :) And the kid who lives in the town we played in this weekend was LATE! AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

So anyway, as you might guess from the description of my week above, I did very little stitching - I did more at work during lunch than I did at home. So, MTM didn't get any further - it didn't even end up in the floor stand at all. I was trying to help Jackie C. get her PA Summer Dragon closer to its deadline - and got a whole 2 hours on it, most of that yesterday after I got back from the store and had a couple of loads of laundry done. So, I guess I was more like anti-help.I'm going to take him back to her tonight - if I can get the flip-flopping stomach to calm down long enough to make the 10-minute drive - and she can "thank" me then. I had such high hopes for getting a huge jump on the border - and I just couldn't get to it. Here's what it looks like right this minute - and I should have taken a picture with the chart, so you could see what tiny little bit of that bottom border is my work...

The entire dragon and the crystal it is perched on is Jackie's work; this is a wedding present for a friend of hers. Do you suppose they'd postpone the wedding a week, so I could work on it more? Nah, I didn't think so, either. Considering the whole thing still needs metallics and then backstitching... I hope Jackie's needles smoke this week and next! I feel awful not having time to get to it :( And now I have the BIG tournament to get ready for, Atlanta Cup, which is preventing me from going back to OH for my nephew's wedding, my mother's late husband's memorial service, and well, some much-needed R&R. Because I love soccer. NOT! Hope that kid appreciates it all one day... Beanie says:

No More Soccer
(or Taco Hell)

I was able to get all of the thistles done on Tanglewood, and do more leaves, between Monday night stitch in and lunch during the week (when I wasn't updating rosters and filling out state forms, yadda yadda yadda). I'm sad the thistles are done - those will have to make an appearance on something else, like a scissor fob or something. Now - onward & upward!

And I also got one more band done on Secret Garden, this one with over-1 dragonflies!!! I had to outline the dragonfly wings, though - the 318 (?) over-1 totally melded into the Star Sapphire fabric and disappeared, so I bs'd the wings with the same color as the bodies. Came out okay! And the Tied Rice stitch flowers were fun - I like that stitch.

And sadly, that's it for the week - and I can't even blame it on a slump :( I am just glad I didn't have to drive all over ATL to pick up uniforms  - that would have just been the straw that broke the iced cake's back (icing/cake, straw/camel - geddit? I do love to mix my metaphors - or maybe I feel worse than I think I do...?). I really wish I'd been of more help on Jackie's piece - if I thought I'd get more done, I'd keep it another week, but then she'd lose that time to actually be productive, so I'll admit defeat and try to move on. I'd like to finish that 4th town this week - World Tree would like some time, and Nancy's RR arrived - M Designs Snowflake - white silk on PTP Gothic :) So who knows what I will have time to work on - hopefully the majority of the work for the next tournament is already done - once I again update the state roster with the uniform numbers we actually GOT (instead of the ones we assigned/asked for). I am so glad this is the last year I need to Manage - herding cats is easier... really. Happy whatever this week - I'm not willing to commit beyond that right now :)

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Cathy said...

Karen for as busy as you are you really do accomplish alot. Hope you start feeling better.