Monday, August 09, 2010

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes - an Update

Since school starts today for my kids, we went out to get Little Kid a new pair of shoes over the weekend. So of course I came home with a pair, too, though I really did NOT need another pair of tennis shoes, since my good black dress shoes need replaced (holes in both leather soles). Oh well, I have about a month or so before I'll be back to wearing those regularly again - and so long as it's not raining when I wear them, I don't notice the holes, yet :) Love my leather-soled shoes, but wow I go through them...

This is the first day of my Big Kid's last year of high school. How did it go so fast? And this is my Little Kid's last year of middle school, he'll be in high school next year. Wow, time flies. They used to be so cute...

In other news, we seem to have acquired another cat, though it's SUPPOSED to be temporary. She's supposedly staying there long enough to become big enough to live outside. Though Dummy thinks she's his cat, and everyone except Beanie plays with her... She is named Kitty - how original. I suggested Gato Tri Colore, but I guess that didn't go over well - but why?

On to the stitching...

Lots of projects this week, in between open house, first Parent meeting for the soccer team this week (none of the new parents showed up - so I won't know who to hound for fees every month. I reallllyyy hate being a manager), and stitch in on Monday, kid doctor appointment Thursday, and working all day Saturday - I need a couple of days off, I am worn out. So, how to order them? I guess in the order they occur to me :)

First: Tanglewood, updated at Monday night's stitch in at the Stitch Store. I continued the bottom half, over to the right. Got the trunk filled in & expanded, did another thistle :) I love those thistles!

I also picked up the Sept/Oct issue of Just Cross Stitch - you know, the Halloween one :) And wouldn't you know it, I started one of the Halloween ornies Thursday - I stopped in the Stitch Store after the kid's doctor appointment and picked up the JABCO candy corns I needed, and when I got home, found another piece of Vikki's linen, and started. This is how far I am so far - I think it'll be another pinkeep when it's done:

And I tried to work on MTM some more, in amongst all the running around, hoping to get Town 4 done; no such luck, but I did complete a couple of buildings. I am wondering if I need to put it up for a bit? Maybe get this town done, then put it up for a bit before starting the corners. I don't know.

I only had a few minutes to stitch the night I got home from the parent meeting at the soccer park (I drove 112 miles that day - to/from work, to/from park), so I got Secret Garden out and did the Scotch Stitch band in another DMC Variaton. I got the next line of verse in between lunch & a conference call.

And I decided what way to go on Natalie's RR - I'm doing that BIG motif in the upper right corner, and hope to get it done this week, as they need to ship next week. It was soooo hot in the house yesterday, we ate out on the deck; it was too hot to stitch much, so I didn't get far on the motif, not even a quarter done. Hopefully it'll be cooler a couple of days this week - I am ready for October in the worst way!!

And if you look here, you can see a picture of The Inspector.

And that's it for the week, I think. This week, keep going on Natalie's piece, MTM, the Halloween ornie (those bs branches are a PITA), and who knows what else? Or maybe none of it. I am not going to stitch in tonight - I know I'll have pounds of paperwork to fill out tonight for school stuff (knew I shoulda photocopied last year's stuff - years ago). The house is in serious need of some cleaning, but I don't know where to start, so if I wait a couple more weeks, we'll be in soccer season, so, oops, too late again :)

I have also been photo-chronicling the life of the garden spider - that big one is now firmly rooted by the front porch, so she's been getting as much attention as the other animals in the house. You can see lots of pictures, if you LIKE spider pictures, here. There's otehr outside stuff in there, too, so you get a break between creepy crawlies. But you gotta go look at the spider pics at the bottom of that album - they came out AWESOME!

Anyway, happy stitching everyone!!!

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Cathy said...

Great update. Time is speeding by. My son has one week left before school starts and I still need to get him some clothes. It continues to be hot and humid here.