Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Update of August

Finally, getting to MY time of year :) As a harbinger of the great weather to come, it was a crisp 70 this morning when I got in my car - haven't seen (or felt, actually) a 70 since what, April? Nice... An added benefit of this fall is NOT participating in the fair this year - there's a lot of stress off my plate, though I will miss the Big Cash Prizes (that don't cover the gas to go claim) :) :) :) Maybe we'll go to the more-local fair this year just to walk around and eat bad fried food!

This week, I have tournament check-in. This is my Big Kid's last Atlanta Cup tournament, and his 6th? 7th? I know he's done a group of them, even won it one year with the Sharks. Of course, the tourney is causing me to miss my nephew's wedding and the memorial service for my mother's late husband, all happening this week - but I'm The Manager, and I don't trust anyone else to do the job, do I? Besides, it's his last one... Heck, he might even come to appreciate it one day...

As for stitching last week, I made some progress, mostly forward.I kept Jackie's Summer Dragon for another week, and slaved over it for 3 days - and barely made a dent. I will know when I get to mine that those stone dragons in the border are time consuming as hell - charted the same on all of the seasonal dragons. Maybe I'll get my Autumn out soon and work over to get that first set done & out of the way... Here's how Summer looked when I returned him Saturday:

At Monday Night Stitch In at the Stitch Store, I worked on Tanglewood again - I got another branch outlined and almost filled in. I guess Terrie isn't having night stitch ins anymore, so maybe I will just keep Tanglewood as my Monday night project anyway :) It's really been seeing great progress that way.

During lunch over the week - when I was finally recovered from the food poisoning enough to be able to eat lunch - I worked some more on Secret Garden, working on the backstitch of the large center motif. Would like to get that filled in this week :) We'll see.

Saturday, my PINS (Purple Iris Needlework Society) meeting for August was held, and a good time was had by all, even though some rude people had the NERVE to sit in our are to eat :) I don't think we rushed them out of there. While there, I worked on Mary Wigham again - that squirrel was half-finished from last time, and feeling neglected, so I finished him up, and gave him a purple turtle for a companion. LOVE the purple turtle - HDF Old Maid of the Aubergine - GREAT color. I'm trying to think if it's one of the final choices for Halloween Quaker...?

Speaking of Halloween (which I am TOTALLY ready for), my Halloween ornie finish from last week is now a pinkeep:

And the back:


MTM Town 4 is DONE!!!! It was a long time, a really long time, in the making, but dammit, I got it done at 10:00 on the dot last night!!!! I even ironed it for it's picture (since it's been wadded up in the Qs for weeks). Now all that is left is those 4 corners, but I am going to put it up for just a bit, work on something else for a while. Here's the overall:

And just Town 4, which I assume is modeled on Amsterdam (looks like Amsterdam to me):

This week, I will put stitches into Nancy's RR, M Designs Snowflake - assuming I can see on that gorgeous dark PTP Gothic :) Then I may work on World Tree - it wants to go to Nancy's house sometime this fall. I may work on Celtic Banner, too - I saw one in an entirely different color scheme on the HDF board, so it's been whimpering from its drawer... Looking forward to this long holiday weekend, even with all the games - playing at home will be nice. I just need time off when I'm NOT sick - and no one else is there, except the goofy-ass dogs and cats. Yeah, that other cat appears to be staying - she likes us :) Happy stitching to everyone!

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