Monday, August 16, 2010

Mid-August Already? An Update

Everyone survived the first week of school. Now to get the stuff together for this weekend's season-opening tournament - all I need is TIME!!! So with that, I'll jump right into it :)
(all pics are clickable for larger view)

The first stitching up date is a small one on Secret Garden - I only got one small band done, all eyelets, which seem to take a lot longer than the end result would lead you to believe...

I'm still wondering if all of these DMC Variations will pull together when I get the whole thing done; obviously it was charted for simpler colors, so I'm hoping they won't stick out when it's all said & done....

Second, a FINISH!!!! The Halloween ornie from JCS that I started a couple of weeks ago is done! It will be a pinkeep soon - I found the backing material I want at HL the other day - but didn't get it, since that's not what I was there for. And I am going to go to the quilt shop that is behind the Stitch Store and see what they have for pins, though I may make my own again.

Thirdly, my meager update on MTM - no, I did NOT finish the 4th town yet - but I'm down to the last 2 buildings, and all of the 4-side repeats are now DONE!!! I will continue on it, as time permits this week, and as soon as this town gets done, I'm putting it up for a bit.

And lastly, Natalie's Round Robin - Second Chances. I got the huge top-right motif done - and it took ALL WEEK! That thing was huge - but look at it - it's Carrie's Wild Orchid. I love this color! I already have some in the stash :)

So that is as far as I'm going to get to go on that - it's going to Jodie today :) She'll have fun with it, if she can keep Emily from absconding with it :)

This week will be very busy. I am going to Stitch In tonight - I need to. And I have to get soccer stuff together, as I have tourney check-in on Friday, tourney in Athens all weekend - hopefully the weather will cooperate (overcast, not stormy would be great). I'll keep MTM out however long it takes me to finish Town 4, and then I don't know what I'll work on. Jackie C. from the Stitch Store has a PA Dragon that I'm going to try to help her meet a deadline on, so I'll get that tonight, I assume. That might be what I work on, until I get my next RR piece, something from Nancy :) Happy stitching this week to everyone!

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Terri said...

Your stitching is beautiful and congrats on the finish! Love the butterfly pictures too!