Friday, October 20, 2006

This Sucks!

If it was a choice between work and sticking sharp sticks in my eyes, I would have to give it some serious thought!

Since the girl in our Maryland office left for another job, and I was given part of her responsibilities, I've crash-coursed it, and am made up the rest as I go along. But the main problem is, the boss's boss is under the impression that this is a 5-6 hours-a-week job, and it is more like 28-35; uh, I already had a job. So it's going to be kind of a reeducation on several people's parts, I think. There are a few things seriously wrong with our process. All I can do is fix what I can, and hope it doesn't drive me over the edge. And we have a major system upgrade - Agile this time, not Oracle - which has to be tested and implemented as soon as they can get it unbroken, on top of my usual stuff. I am sore tired, boss. I've been to more meetings in the past 3 weeks than in the 6 years I've been here - it's pretty crazy.

On the soccer front, it's going good for both kids. The Big Kid is undefeated so far, has played goalie, broken a thumb (almost) and has scored several goals, 3 in one game alone. Little Kid has become the star goalie for his Academy Gold team - it scares me, but he seems to be really good at it. We were both a little surprised, but his being bossy and loud helps in this, because he gets the boys where he wants them on the field. The regular seasons are over for both the first weekend in November, then one has a tournament on 11/12 November, and the other, a tournament the next weekend. And then it's Turkey Day and the official start to the Christmas Crazies, which I am NOT looking forward to.

Speaking of the CCs, I haven't even started shopping yet, and some years, I am pretty close to done by now. I just don't feel like it, at all. I'd like to do it all via the internet and never leave my house - I definitely don't want to go to the mall, ever. I think a lot of it is just because of all the stress at work - I just can't seem to think about shopping when I'm this fried. Hopefully, when we get our hour back next weekend, I'll rebound a little, and get back to business. And I am trying to get DH to commit to going to North Carolina for Turkey Day - my California family is now all on the east coast, and it would be so nice to see them - I haven't met my cousin's wife or either of his daughters yet. And that would be one less meal I have to take care of. But Mr. Antisocial doesn't take any of that into consideration, so we'll see how that goes. He can stay here, and me and the boys'll go - I'm sure the dumbass across the street will feed him. Eh, too far away to think about now.

On the hobby front, I have been doing lots of stitching - not making a lot of progress on anything, but have been doing a lot here and there. I seem to have lost my desire to finish my Long Dog St. G, though have been making myself work on it the last few nights, which caused me to have to frog a section the other night - dammit! I am at about the 3% mark on my SQ L&U - one night I spent 1 1/2 hours and managed only about 40 stitches - all confetti and stopping/starting. Man, sometimes that is very tiring. And we have a SAL on TW's The Castle beginning in January - I have a very cool (I hope) fabric coming from Silkweaver for it, plus a group of Kreinik sparklies to add to it. And the Fantasy Triptych is sitting there, looking all abandoned - but I will get back to it, eventually - I haven't not finished one yet!

Beads - I have my huge turquoise chunk & pearl necklace set sitting almost done on the table - it hasn't been touched for weeks, while I wait for a clasp I ordered to arrive. Which is okay, since I really don't have anything to wear it with. Yet. Other than that, nothing much going on with beads. I'm waiting to see if anybody is going to want me to make any gifts - my boss mentioned it one day. That's a little extra cash I can take to Florida in December when me and my sisters go down to see Mom - I haven't been down there before (wasn't invited until she suddenly wasn't able to travel - HHHMMM, coincidence? I think not). I think we are planning a day at Busch Gardens - never been to any of them (Disney, Sea World), so it'll be fun, if we don't get rained out.

Okay, enough for now. Trying to make it through the day to get to the Gwinnett Gladiators Opening Night tonight - Go Glads!!!


Devon said...

All I gotta say is the three of you in a car on the way to grandma....hilarious!

The three of you in a house WITH grandma....FUC*ING HILARIOUS!!

Mom asked me to come along...I assumed she was high. ha ha ha

Karen said...

"The three of you in a house WITH grandma....FUC*ING HILARIOUS!!"

That's what the margaritas are for....

Can you imagine what it will be like if it rains the whole time?? Ah, come on - you know you want to road trip with the old people.

Devon said...

I think the four of you stuck in a house will be their next natural disaster....

If I were you, I'd grab the margaritas and take my chances with the rain!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to hear about both adventures.... the latin side of the family and the three sister's at Aunt Pat's house..... to be a fly on the wall.... Come on Karen, if you survive it, blog it!... Ur Cuz'n>>> CW