Friday, January 19, 2007

This Pretty Much Covers It...

Everyone concentrates on the problems we're having in this country lately; illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, wild animals attacking humans in Florida. Not me. I concentrate on solutions to problems. The result is a win-win-win situation:
  • Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border
  • Use the dirt to raise the levies in New Orleans
  • Put the Florida alligators in the moat.
Any other problems you would like for me to solve today?


Kerri Manley said...


I just moved to Houston from Orlando and this hit home. I have been giggling over this for the last half hour and needed to tell you that you made my day!

I will need to read the rest of your blog and again won't get a thing done today.

Love your blog!

Sharon said...

I have read this post about 6 times now and every time I laugh. How perfect this is! I've told this little ditty to numerous friends and we all got a good chuckle. Keep up the good work with the brain!

Karen said...

Sometimes (a lot of times), Maxine just hits the nail on the head, doesn't she?