Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow, Pup, and a Wednesday Wobble!

Wow, a post on a weekend that doesn't include a stitching update! That's for Monday. First, I'd like everyone to meet the newest member of our household:
This little girl is 10 weeks old, and came home with my DH and the boys from the animal shelter last night. She is a Blue Tick COON Hound mix, hopefully mixed with something small like Jack Russel. This pup will be crate trained, unlike poor old Otto, who ended up living outside because he wouldn't be housebroken. I have 3 slightly unhappy cats right now, especially the 20-pound chicken Maine COON Cat - I see lots of conflict between the Coon Hound and The Coon Cat in the near future. Booger just wants to know what a cat's gotta do to get some damn sleep around here with all these kids running around, and Zeke could care less so long as she stays out of his food. Which she hasn't - she cleaned out the cats' bowls a little bit ago :)

Today, I got an envelope from Mel with my Anchor/DMC Wednesday Wobble prize in it - 3 gorgeous Anchor variegateds, and a card picturing a harbor - so I have a place to put the boats that go with my Anchors :) Thanks, Mel - these really are nice!

And, lastly for today, more snow in HotLanta! Sure hope no one is trying to fly anywhere in this half of the country, because everyone knows you can't get to heaven or hell without going through Atlanta, and Atlanta is closed today! I have taken a few pictures, and will take a few more when it's all over - this will likely be the biggest snowfall we've gotten since we've been here, and with the drought, any little bit helps, I guess. And it's funny to watch the locals panic. Surprisingly, there was bread and milk at the store this morning, though by the stacks of empty boxes everywhere, I guess they got slammed last night as people were buttoning down the hatches, or whatever it is they do. They did put a special display of about 15 snow shovels out - it doesn't matter how many times you tell 'em it was 70 the other day, the ground isn't cold enough for this to stay for more than a day. Us dumb Yankees - what do we know???? The kids are having fun - Pup shivers as soon as she goes out.

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