Friday, February 29, 2008

Picture Perfect - Infinity

This week's picture is from one of our beach vacations - I would say it was 4 years ago? Can't tell even by looking at the subjects :) Anyway, there were just huge sandbars wayyyyy out off the beach, so I drug the eggheads out there, made them stand out there, staring into teh Gulf of Mexico, then came back in and took the pic:

This had to be before I got my digital camera, so I'm guessing this was taken with my Minolta Maxxum 7000, and this is probably a scan of it, because I can't find a 2Mb original :) Hey, this could very well be the last roll of film I developed - not the last roll I shot, but the last roll I developed :(


And now some rules for the newbies

(not that anyone pays them the slightest bit of attention)

~ Each week a theme will be posted up on Wednesday, and you are invited to put up your best picture with that theme in mind, it should be just


i.e not off the internet,

Then come back and post a comment on this page
so that everyone can link to your blog and see your pic.

By all means mention your camera and lens used, and if the picture has been altered or enhanced in anyway! Out of the box thinking is encouraged!!

Please open your page for viewing for all for that day...and then visit as many others as you can! Try and post a decent size pic on your blog page, so much is lost if the pic is too small or too big.

The entries will close at midnight on Friday.

Play nice....and have fun out there!


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