Friday, March 20, 2009

Picture Perfect - March Madness!

Wow, have I been away from PPF for a while!!! A few weeks ago, it was Loudness - and I came up with the perfect picture - Saturday :( My son's 6th Grade band - and he of the Trombone. There's some Loudness for ya! But my life story lately has been a dollar short and a day late, so....

Anyway, today I decided to get my act together, and participate again. Now, for a lot of Americans, March Madness is all about college basketball. Fortunately (or unfortunately), in my house, it's all soccer, all the time; we haven't watched basketball since the NBA was overrun with thugs and gangstas (or when the IndianaU/UofDayton/KyWildcats wore off after enough years down here in GA - bulldogs and yellow jackets, not the same). Nope, at our house, March is, usually, Spring!! I've been out snapping pictures of the things that have survived the ever-deepening drought yet another year, and the other day, as the dog was dragging me around the yard, the whole place was abuzz with bees! The bees are really enjoying the weeds, and so I ditched the dog in the house and returned with the Panasonic DMC-FZ5 in hand:
I have come to the conclusion that bees are more cooperative than butterflies; I don't suppose that's intentional :) No particular ditty or poem is coming to mind to add here, and only a bit of Julius Caesar from The Bard, which doesn't really fit - Beware the Ides of March just doesn't create too many tie-ins... So we'll skip to the "rules":



Each week a new theme will be posted here on Friday morning. You are invited to put up your best picture on your own blog with that theme in mind, and you do have the whole weekend to post your picture, so there is no rush

Remember it should be just ONE and ORIGINAL, taken by YOU,and not off the internet,

Then come back and leave a comment on this page in the comment box so that everyone can link to your blog and see your photo. Don't forget to OPEN your page to EVERYONE for that day.

By all means mention your camera and lens used, and if the picture has been altered or enhanced in any way, so we can all learn and improve our techniques.

Try and post a decent size picture on your blog page for an increased WOW factor. Often so much is lost or distorted if the size is too big or too small.

Remember this is NOT a competition, this about being creative having fun and being supportive of one another.

Out of the box thinking is encouraged.

~ Have FUN out there! ~


More of my March pictures can be seen here.

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