Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Locals Enjoying a Spring Day

Been trying to get these pics for a while - today, hanging out of the bathroom window, I finally had a bit of success!

I had the perfect shot of this male, in complete profile with the black and the yellow of his beak shown perfectly - except I didn't have my camera yet, as I had just gotten out of the shower....

I rarely see a male & female together - I think the blue jays chased them down to the ground by this tree....He's really got a lot more brown/grey on him from this angle.
I thought for sure this pic was going to be blurry - my viewfinder was all fogged up from my shower, so I just kind of zoomed in on the area & shot. Look at it - he's got something in his mouth!! And I have to tell you, this is the biggest damn blue jay I have ever seen - he's HUGE!
Another one of the little grey woodpeckers -I still don't know if this is a juvenile red-headed woody, or not. I had the perfect shot of a red headed woody the other day - but by the time I got the camera, got it on, and got back to where I was, he was long gone. I'll get him one of these days though...
This pair is all over the place - the one on the left is that biggun'...
This little guy was apparently jealous of those more colorful birds getting all of the attention. No idea what this is, a sparrow, a finch? No idea.

You can see a few more shots here.

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