Friday, May 01, 2009

The First Bearded Iris of 2009

This was all fluffed out by the time I got home from work yesterday :) I've seen others bloomed for at least a week, and mine are often a bit later than others (mine aren't as protected from the elements as others), so I expect in the next coupel of weeks, I'll have a bunch, while the Dutchies are peak right now. The beards will probably be done mid-May depending on if they get no rain, or too much (which I would doubt this year).

The one that is taht very deep purple, almost black, will be up by Sunday, I bet, and I assume I'll have a swarm of Edith Wolfords - I really gotta split tubers this August.

This on was not-quite-completely open yesterday, but it was when I left this morning:
I don't know if I'll be able to get a good picture of this, or not - we are supposed to have storms roll through, so we'll be overcast most of the weekend, I'm sure. But at any rate, the inside of the petals on this one appear pink at first glance, just like this picture. But on closer inspection, it looks like there's a very fine dusting of gold powder - not pollen, but actual metallic glittery stuff. It's micro, and you can only get a hint of it in the right light, and I wasn't able to get a pic of it last year, either. But I will keep trying - even if I don't like pink, I'll make an exception in this case, because it's an iris :) Happy weekend, everyone!

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