Monday, May 30, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

Yeah, this month has definitely been the roller coaster to end all roller coasters. I got my framed MTM back on Thursday, May 5th, and was basking in the glow of my accomplishment on that, when I then had to rush to Ohio, but not in time to see my dad before he passed away. So, that was a long, strange week, where I got to see lots of people that I needed to see - friends and family, some of whom I haven't seen in 28 years, if you can believe that! So while the circumstances of my being there were pretty awful, it was also a little rejuvenating to reconnect with people that I have missed over the years.

And then I had to rush right back to Georgia, in order to try to get the house ready to receive people for my oldest son's graduation on Monday the 23rd. We had lots of family in - both grandmothers were here, and 2 of the 4 aunts were here, which is pretty good, considering we are so far away from everyone. I was mid-clean when the first guests arrived - thanks to the boss for letting me have that Friday off to get stuff done - but I got it as close as it's going to get without a LOT of paint and/or a wrecking ball :)

Lots of good things to eat, the kid got some cash AND a new-to-him '91 Mazda Miata convertible - now all he needs is a driver's license, so he can drive himself to work - but who has time for that? He's been working so much, enjoying his life guard duties, and hasn't had time for things like driving when his dad or I have time, so...?

As for stitching the last few weeks, there has been some, including a new START and a FINISH!!

I managed to finish another of the blackwork chickens that I am doing for Loretta's, where my local group meets every month. I didn't realize it until I finished that one that the bottom of the design is just these two flipped & reversed - I'm sure I'll find the easier path the 2nd time though each one :)

And then, I had an impulse start when I received the kit for a new Mystery SAL, Birds of a Feather by Country Stitches/With They Needle & Thread. I have to say that the WDW floss that came with this are a LOT nicer than those that I stitched 6 Bats with, so I might have to retract my earlier comments on them, in that they have obviously changed their process in that time. This is a 3-part mystery, and the border is part 1 - this is where I currently am on it, on the 35ct WDW Confederate Grey linen:

I also did a bit of work on Knotgarden right after my last update, and finished up that side that I almost had done - not a lot, but I also knew then I'd have to work on something else for a bit, before continuing on with that. Here's where it stands right now:

And the something else that I seemed to work on the most was Starry Nights, which is now DONE!!!!!! I had actually taken a photo somewhere along the way between then and now, and then just never got around to updating - since there wasn't anything update-worthy, really, and I wasn't ready to say anything about my dad. That photo is here, if interested. And here it is, a week later, DONE!!! And the chart & left over threads are packaged up and ready to go to Dr. Stephanie, the chart that originally came to me from Lori.

And that's really all I've done since the last time I updated. BUT, while I was up in Ohio, I managed to get a picture of the TW Noah's Ark that I did for my sister Anne years ago:

And also, the very first piece of needlework I ever really did, crewel, I got back from my dad's house, where it had hung in his office since I gave it to him in 1983 or 84, after Cheryl harped and harped on me to get it done:

And with that, I am going to go kick back and relax and enjoy the rest of this Memorial Day holiday, grilling later, probably stitching on something. Back to the ol' grind tomorrow :( This working thing is really cutting into my leisure time...


Sue said...

Karen, all of your pieces are gorgeous; sorry to hear about your Dad's passing but on the other hand happy about your son's graduation!

I have put your package in the mail today.

Joysze said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your dad's passing Karen.