Monday, July 18, 2011

Band Camp - An Update

The Freshman starts his first Band Camp today; only half days this week, but then, next week, 12 hour days!!! Hope he can stand it. I have to miss tomorrow's stitch night because I have to go to a band meeting - I am NOT volunteering for ANYTHING, not for the foreseeable future, at any rate; I have way too much going on at work for the next few months to even think about reserving brain cells for adding a whole new set of responsibilities...

In other news, a slightly more productive stitch week than last week - I finished a branch of Tanglewood at Donna's house on Tuesday. If I switch over to the other side and get the Peacock branch going and/or done, there isn't that much left to do. IF I put this on the floor stand, I bet I could have it done in a couple of weeks...

I was actually rooting in the drawer for... some other project on Monday night, needing to put Knotgarden down until the frogs go away. I think I had intended to bring out Iris Fairy - but then that pesky Mill Hill Halloween project jumped right into my hand - do you believe that??? It did, I swear. And so Midnight Farm is about 100 stitches from putting beads on :)

Can I just say that the GITD #4 Kreinik is not very consistent? The regular #4 metallics lay much better than this GITD stuff - in order to pull it tight enough to get it where it's supposed to be to make a pretty X, it distorts the fabric. The GITD BF I have used behaves more like #4 metallics, actually. The third design I picked, Boo House, has NO GITD - so you know I will have to add some. Now - do I use the stuff left over from these two kits, for consistency's sake, or do I find my GITD BF and use it instead? I guess that depends on how much I have leftover from the 2 kits and how much I decide to add :) Midnight Farm has a LOT of the glow, compared to the Haunted Library.

I have another finish-finish, but I can't show it yet, as it is a gift - and I haven't even gotten it ready to mail yet, let alone actually mailed it - so look for that... sometime later. This week, I know I will be continuing on Midnight Farm - I have been DYING to get some beads onto something, so too close not not to. Then I really need to get back to Knotgarden - the frog in it really makes me mad, and I want to get past it and get that damn side DONE. And then I have that 4th corner to do - which might be a nice break after completing 2 gates back to back. Maybe. It's just so... green. Which ordinarily I don't mind, but wow, enough already! And can I just mention that the drawer of kits KNOWS I have been finishing things, and it also knows that I have several other things >this close< to being done? The drawer would like me to Hurry The Hell Up and get them done, it's getting crowded in there, and new things WANT to be started!!!! Ah, well, what else is new? LOL

(my lilies are now all gone - and now there's nothing out there :( )

Happy stitching this week to everyone!!


Joysze said...

Awww, your boy looks like such a pro with his trombone. I hope he has a blast at Band Camp. :)

Stitchy pieces look awesome... I hope you get some beads in soon. :D Sorry to hear about the frog on Knotgarden. :( Hehehe, if I were stitching lots of greens, I'd be at it all day, but then it's my favorite color. ;)

I love that lily, it's perfection. Sorry that they're faded for the season. :(

Kimberly R. said...

Love your Tanglewood, beautiful stitching, I am a great fan of Ink Circles and hope to start one soon :)
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

KreinikGirl said...

The project looks great! The GITD threads are perfect in a project like this. There is a reason why they behave differently - the raw material on a GITD is a flat fiber, so when we braid it, the thread is a little more angular than round like the regular ones. So you are absolutely right. Still, have fun with them. They really give that 'extra dimension.' Can't wait to see the finished project.