Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Year, Another Update

Another year older, as of yesterday. Meh, whatever :) It's not a speed limit year, so no big deal, nice and quiet. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I also got a couple of goodies from friends - Chris in Indiana sent me a card with a piece of purple fabric from Faery Fire Fabrics (she's used their fabric for one of her recent Joan Elliott masterpieces) - which is so pretty, I've e-mailed Rose to see if she'd dye me a custom piece of jobelan for Sparkly Hummingbird Garden, since she has JOBELAN, my favorite, AND she'll do a custom 28x28 piece for me! I also received a surprise box on the front porch Saturday, from Amazon. In it were the Magical XS book and a very cool David Garrett CD, both from Mel! Thank you so much, Mel - and the 18 yo even gave the DG CD his stamp of approval, despite it having a GnR song on it (because November Rain is one of my favorites) :)

Thank you, my friends!

On to the stitching...

I did a little bit of work on the Yellow Santa - I did get his face on him during lunch on Monday, and did the tree and started the teddy bear between Tuesday night at IHOP and one other lunch during the week. It's really helping doing the same design the 2nd time by having it in other colors, and doing it in a different order - I started with the tree on the red one.

And look - I am tackling that 4th Giant Green Corner on Knotgarden and thinking it's going to be done soon :) I forgot about the little egg part - I started that while watching DWTS on Monday, and then, Wednesday, moved over to the left-hand border to further the Rhodes stitches and the Scotch Stitch there in the center under the gate. Then I started the first of 6-7 different greens:

SO I feel pretty confidant that that will be done this week, and then I'll flip it over to work on the 4th outer edge. I can smell a finish coming - but if I go getting cocky about it, it'll be completely frog-ridden - so I might need to sneak up on the finish, surprise it into completed :)

And that's the update for the week, and the plan for this week. Though I have to say that Anne's London is getting louder & louder from the bag on the table - I really want to get it out and put soem stitches into it, but I want Knotgarden done MORE, so... And you know how I said I wasn't kitting up Hummingbird anytime soon? Well, I have all but 1 DMC, already bobbined up and in a box, and I have half the beads on order. Because I am a compulsive kitter :) Though I don't consider that a problem, so long as the checkbook holds out :)

Happy Stitching this week to everyone!

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Joysze said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karen. :)

Oooooh, that's great news on the custom dye for Hummie. Can't wait to see your start on it. :D

Yellow Santa and Knotgarden both look great. More, more, more! :D