Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day - an Update

Yep, President's Day, again. For some, making a long weekend. For me, just another Monday, without even the chance of something cool in the mail :( At least I didn't have to get the grouch up this morning, which was good, since I didn't get up, either, not right away; barometer head did me in this morning, so I gave the Excedrin some time to work before making it upright. The jury's still out on whether moving at all was a good idea... At least the sun's out - a nice change after 2 1/2 days of what looks to me like Ohio weather :(

So on to the important stuff - stitching :)

I continued on on Tuscany, and am working parts 2 & 3 in conjunction (you know, all that pesky counting and such - not my strong suit, which is why I do so much COUNTED thread work) (). I really do think I need to get a set of scroll rods ready for this - there are a LOT of beads on this that I desperately want to put on, and where with MTM, I could position it in the Qs to avoid the majority of the middle parts that I beaded, and was just very, very careful with the ones I did put under the clamps, this one is just too big, and I know, as long as this one will take, I will break one or worse. So, after I get this right-hand section of Part 3 done, I'll be putting this away, and hopefully next time I work it, I'll have it on a scroll, and then I can BEAD these parts :) :) :)

Here is is as of right now:

I don't know if I'll be able to get this done tonight, or if it'll take a couple nights. But whatever, as soon as I get this section done, away it goes, for now. Time to make good on my promise to L&U :)

I also started a new small, an Ink Circles Halloween ornie chart from 2010, By The Full Moon. I am using fabric leftover from Murky Manor, and thread for the moon, as well, CC Baby Chick. Not much of a start, but I only had a few minutes on it.

And that's the progress for the week. As I said, as soon as I get to a stopping place on Tuscany, Lady & Unicorn is coming out for an extended visit, because I did not touch her at ALL last year, except for a few hours only at the very beginning of the year. Bad, huh? So, sometime this week, I'll be back in a sea of red confetti hell :) At least I'll get a break on Saturday - the February PINS meeting is Saturday afternoon, I can't wait :)

(the neighbor kids - how they taught their dogs to NOT bark, I have no idea...)

In other news, besides having a couple of great RAKs in my mail box, I stashed :) OOPS. I am now collecting Chatelaine Deep Blue Sea - and was THRILLED to find 7-8 of the silks already in the stash! Yay me! AND I have some of the beads already on order with About Beads :) And more in my cart at Beadies BeadWork. And some for this and Sparkly Hummingbird on my list for either Art Beads or Fusion Beads :) Because I don't have an order with FMG coming up any time soon, so... Oh, shiny!

Okay, on that note, Happy Stitching this week to everyone!


Anne said...

Wow! Great progress on your Chat!! I love the Deep Blue Sea one!! It looks so stunning on the black!! Great that you have a lot of the silks already :D

Kimmie said...

Super stitches. I love the neighbor kids. And I had the head thing here in Indiana Saturday and Sunday. Evil barometric pressure.

Susan said...

Tuscany looks great. I'm stitching parts 2 and 3 together also, just knew I would miscount part 2 and not notice until way too late. I've signed up for Deep Blue Sea also, haven't started yet but I hope soon. I'm so glad that someone else has that barometric pressure thing - not that I want anyone else to go through it, but folks don't believe me when I tell them about mine.

Kate said...

Tuscany is comming along well.
I think I am going to sign up for Deep Blue Sea. What colour fabric are you going to use for yours?

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Oh my goodness - off to subscribe to the Deep Blue Sea!!!! Haven't been so instantly enabled for ages :)