Thursday, August 10, 2006

20 Years Gone By

Well, I had my 20th Class Reunion this past weekend. Hard to believe it has been that long. I drove up Friday, after I got my kids on their buses for their first day back to school, and I took my MIL home, as well. Well, I took her to the sister in Kentucky, at any rate. I stayed at my best friend's house Friday thru Sunday nights, and we hung out and ate some food, and bought some books, and saw a friend who opted to not go to the reunion. The first 3 hours of the event were odd - being the Most Unremembered Person of the class is a heavy burden sometimes - some people I recognized right off, others, I still can't place them. People would look at my name tag, look at my face, look at my name tag again, and then head off to the yearbook. One actually came back to me and said "Oh, Yeah!", but then we spent time trying to figure out who our mutual friend might've been. There were a few people I was hoping to see, but they didn't show up. And my buddy Gary was there; he and I had a good time getting caught up a little.

They had an 80's band, The Breakfast Club; they were okay - the music was really good, but the vocals were a little strange. The guy, who tried really hard to look like Billy Idol (I hope that's what he was going for?!?), did a Prince "WooHoo" in every song. Not bad, I guess; maybe they just need one other person to do some of the vocals, just to mix it up - their playlist has too much range to try to have one person cover it all. We danced to a few of them, I got some pictures of the crowd - a group of my friend and our class president, for some reason - you'd think they were the only ones there. It was all good, until the margaritas ran out. Which was probably a good thing, because if I'd had more, I might not have made it home on Monday, as bad as I was feeling all day Sunday. Blah!

I think there are 5 of us that were there that are in the Atlanta area; that seemed to be the highest concentration of us not still in the Dayton area. At one point, 4 of the 5 of us were in the limo together - not sure how that worked out, it just did. I didn't find out where they all were - I am betting most of them are downtown, not out in the sticks where I am. Eh, they can have it. It's too crowded where I am now, so I couldn't tolerate more.

Not a bad turnout, I guess. We had 321 graduate, and I think over 100 showed up this time. I'll count when I get my copy of the group shot. I guess I could be talked into going to another; maybe if a shorter time span, more people will remember me? It could be a good time. Or it could be very, very surreal (see Bodemiller).

Later, peoples.


Kathy in So. Cal. said...

You don't know me...I'm on one of the groups...BAPXS. I'm cracking up over your blog. We think alike. I'm the one NO ONE remembers at reunions...who is Linda Lohan and who cares if she passed out? I was passing out in the heat here too! And, drivers? Don't even get me started. I live in San Diego...a 'diverse' area...and I have no clue how anyone here got a driver's license. LOL!

Karen said...

My company has its headquarters in San Diego - Carlsbad, to be exact. I hate to say it, but some of the folks out there I have to deal with are a little out there - I can just imagine the way they drive! Thanks for reading!

Kathy in So. Cal said...

What company, Karen? (If I can ask?) CA isn't all bad...yet. I'm a 3rd generation CA and have watched it change alot, but I still have hope for it.

And, they aren't ALL bad drivers here...I'm here! ROTFL!(says she who drives like she's on a race track.)

Karen said...

ViaSat is the company I work for, though I'm in the Georgia office.

And being in GA, the truckers call our bypass loop the Watermelon 500. We don't tailgate - we're drafting!