Friday, September 05, 2008

Picture Perfect ~*~WET~*~

I just haven't been coordinated enough lately to participate in PPF - new computers, moving pics around, some on CD, some on other machines, and mainly, no time!! But when I saw this week's, I thought for sure I could come up with something pretty easily... Well, I had the perfect shot in mind, from a soccer game last February, when all of the boys were just drenched, with sleet & drizzle, actually, not just rain, the refs were soaked, we had puddles on the field - the look on the face of my son, with his hair plastered to his face as he went up to head the ball was the epitome of *WET*. And I can't find it.

So, for Plan B, I thought, gee, maybe something in the pictures I've taken outside this year - the creek, the wet dog who plays in the creek, and then I thought of this one:
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This was taken after a thunderstorm had passed through in June, and the sky was golden and looked as if it was lit with fire. So I took the camera outside to get shots of the sky. I turned to see these normally bright white lilies had taken on the color of the sky, still dripping from the brief downpour our drought-stricken area received. Additional pictures in the series are here.

*WET* has taken on a whole new idea here north of Atlanta; we are currently standing at 16" below the normal rainfall we should have by this time of the year, even with the 5" we managed to get out of Tropical Storm Fay almost 2 weeks ago. And that does not take into account the 20" or so we were short last year. Other areas have gotten considerably more than we have - even Atlanta itself is not quite as bad as we are, just 40 miles north. But we have Hannah, Ike, and Josephine lining up out there in the Atlantic - we definitely don't need any of the destruction those storms are likely to produce (like the tornadoes we got from Fay), but could we ever use a bit of rain....

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