Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day - Be A Pirate

You Are:
Ugly Louise Lofton
(formerly known as Karen)

You have X-Ray vision and look good in Spandex, but you can't fly worth a damn or scramble an egg to save your life. You never sweat even when you use your super strength. If you could cloud men's minds we'd all be in trouble. You also use your X-Ray vision to ogle guy's bodies in the grocery store. You can travel in time, but you only do it to cheat at horse racing. Your super-boobs are every man's dream and you are without a doubt the kinkiest Superhero of them all.

Here's lots of fun Pirate Stuff:
I found this Pirate Generator here:

So get off yer duffs an' talk like a gentleman o' fortune!

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