Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bit of This, A Bit of That - An Update

Like most of the updates you've been reading the last couple of weeks, the cold is here, too. Not nearly as bad as up north, but still, a bit unusual for here, without an accompanying ice storm. though there is the threat of sleet & snow here tonight, which will have GA shut down until late tomorrow afternoon, I am sure. The picture is my frozen pond - this is the first that I remember it freezing solidly - often a frozen rim, but never completely iced over, enough to catch half-submerged leaves! Though, to be fair, I don't really go out and look to see how frozen it is - my feet are usually indication enough :) the only reason I saw it this time was because Lucy drug me over there, via the back yard where the squirrels were, seconds before she came crashing through.... Speaking of...
Here she is, trying to squeeze into the last little spot of sun on the steps - and a very disgusted look because I had the nerve to close the door, cutting off that brief glimpse of even more sunlight :) Just FYI - Lucy gets wrapped up in blankets on the couch same as us - I've never seen a dog shiver so much. DH wants to get her a sweater. Ummm, no.

On to the stitching. This week's main piece was Knotgarden. I, as usual, did not get as much time as I had planned in on it - between the weather and the barometer doing a roller coaster thing, and just life in general, a couple of nights I just didn't have the brain power for it, and other nights, I just kinda stared blankly at the TV - 24 started Sunday and continued Monday, so I knew it was pointless to even get it out Monday night. But I did get some in on the huge green part of the bottom right corner. As I was doing the egg section, I could swear those weren't the colors I had used in the first one; the symbols looked right, but the actual colors looked completely different. The first one was under the clamp, so I couldn't see it. Anyway, when I took it out last night to get my pic, I was reassured to see that it does indeed match the first one :) Here's what I did accomplish:

On Monday, when 24 was on, I decided to work on an ornament, which I then finished up on Tuesday before dinner and Knotgarden. I flipped through my store of Dragon Dreams, and came up with the first two I wanted to do, and the first finish of 2009 is this one:
Then, Friday night, I got tired of muddling through green on Knotgarden, put it down, and picked up ornie #2, which was to this point as of last night (and should be finished tonight):

I also did a bit more work on Shawn's RR - I am no longer in stealth biplane mode, the Airplane section is complete!!
Now, where to go next? Maybe the green leafy border below? Some more frame fill-in? I guess it depends on whether Shawn has another piece to send out to those near the end of the list, in case this one gets finished up way before then :) Anita has already told me she wants to keep going on mine, so I have another one picked out to finish kitting up - need beads & Kreinik, of course - so there'll be more for the RRers:
I'll put it on the fabric left over from Lavender Path - this has some whitework around it, and the framed model is on grey, but I think it looks kinda dirty; the bellpull model is on white, and I like that.

And last, but not least, Saturday, I again got tired of thinking about Knotgarden, so Little Kid put Time Bandits into the DVD player, and I got out Kaleidoscope for another block :) I am now 1/4 done (minus the very outside border). Watching those two Starry Nights WIPs has made me want to work on Kaleidoscope and/or start that sea-colored Autumn Mosaic - I refuse to start another project, so Kaleidoscope it was :)

I worked on BoInk, but nothing photo-worthy; more green - the last knot is almost filled in - and I got the entire gold border of the current (and last gold-bordered section) done during a non-participatory conference call :) As this week is Foursome Reel week, or Sampler Week, I will probably spend a couple of nights on BoInk, too. And Sampler 4 Saisons & ABC Vert & Mauve have both been whimpering from their bags, as has World Tree & Noah's Sub. So who knows what I will have worked on by this time next week??? At any rate, I hope everyone has a great week, and know that Spring WILL come - the daffodils tell me so:

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