Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12 - Do You Know Where Your Taxes Are?

You know, having to replace the A/C & furnace the same week we have to pay taxes is just adding insult to injury :( But this time next week, the pain will be all gone, and we'll be cool. Sure was looking forward to new furniture & carpet, though :(

In other news, the English Schools' Football Association under-18 team was here last week, and put a whooping on the Georgia All Stars XI (as predicted). What a neat thing to see - those boys from England were so very talented; they made us look pretty bad. Their goalie was just a monster, and they had one kid - don't know if he was a striker or a mid - who was just wicked fast. It might have helped if my big kid had been asked to play (being a defensive specialist), but we knew it wasn't going to be pretty; ended 7-1. At least we got one in :) And DH & Little Kid got to be the pre-game show, when DH's team and the U14 Lanier Sharks all got together and threw a scrimmage. And at half time, all the U13 & 14s went out and took PKs on the EFSA's staff :) I of course took some pictures - my camera isn't any good for dusk, so I stopped about 1/2 way through the first half.

I also got a chance to meet Paula yesterday, as she was laying over at the Atlanta airport for a bit, on her way home from some DMAT training in Alabama. I had a couple of things to take for show & tell, but with all the benedryl in my system, I totally walked out without it and my camera :( So you'll just have to take my word for it :) It was good to hang out, listen to the other members of the team talk about their week, and to know that there are people out there making a difference!

On to the stitching - most of which was Lyne's...

Firstly, I did a good bit on Lyne's wedding sampler, getting 90% of the 2nd dove completed. Once I get the dove completed, I can jump on the bells, and then about 800 more of those roses, and it'll be done!
I also did a little bit on my RR, which is also Lyne's. I have 2 more weeks to work on this, then on it goes to Jodie. It's a fun piece to work on, but wow what a pile of floss to pick through :) Lucy really hates when I feel the need to spread out in her spot.

My main piece of the week was Lady & Unicorn - which I did actually take to the day stitch in at The Stitch Store on Tuesday.I knew I had left nothing but confetti when I stopped last month - but holy crap, I didn't grasp the full extent of what I'd left myself! I worked & worked, and worked some more, and couldn't get it all filled in! Though, to be honest, I was looking for each symbol over the entire page; if I had just concentrated on filling in the blanks and leaving the bottom part of the page for later, I could have gotten the holes filled - but then I'd have to dig all those colors out again later, so... I did get several hundred stitches in, but they are all over the place, so you'd really have to look at last month's and this months pics to see.

The overall (scrolled up) is here.

And this week, back to MTM!!!! As soon as I get a bit more haus frau stuff done, I can get it out! And Mary Wigham is whimpering from her bag, as is Chat Noir. So as usual, who knows what I will actually work on this week, other than MTM - it really is hard to drag myself away from that one. Happy Stitching to everyone this week!

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Cathy said...

Lynne's wedding sampler looks great now. It will look fantastic when done. You always accomplish so much during the week. Good going.