Monday, October 25, 2010

An Almost-Halloween Update

Yep, my favorite time of year! I just wish the kids were still little and did the Trick or Treating thing (as opposed to whatever it is they do now on Halloween that I don't want to know about, so long as the Sheriff doesn't come to my door for any reason). And since we now have the Mad Dog and her sidekick DumbChuck, we definitely don't hand out candy - at least, not at our house :) And up until this morning, the weather has been AMAZING! Which doesn't really coincide with me not having taken any pictures - haven't been anywhere except soccer, soccer, soccer :( The leaves are changing here, thanks to a few cool nights; we'll see how many get taken down with the storms moving through today (which I can feel in my head :( ).

So I guess I have to resign myself to Halloween Stitching, since we just don't have time for Halloween decorating at all, other than Halloween Fairy and my framed Pumpkins coming out of hiding. So last week, I was able to resist breaking out Sleepy Hollow & starting it; of course, this week I caved with something entirely different. See, I found this jar at Hobby Lobby, which was supposed to be PERFECT to put my Halloween pinkeeps in. Only, all but one won't fit the damn opening :( I can't get a jar with a wider opening, really. Here it is with the one that would fit in it - though you can't really see it, because a certain new resident thinks that the table is her nap space, complete with a table covering she can hook herself into so she doesn't slip off mid-nap. WTH? Anyway, you kinda get the idea.

(and you can see why I call her MissMatch in this pic - see her eyes are different, the one is coppery and the other has a lot of green in it)

SO, of course, I decided to just make some MORE pinkeeps, small enough that they will be SURE to fit. :) Starting at one of my favorite blogs, Gazette94, I found a couple of likely designs, and started one Friday night. Over-1 on 28ct, I know this'll fit in the jar. IF I can get it stitched before my trip to MI in a couple of weeks, I'll try to finish it up there that weekend :)

There's a leafy border outside that brown one - search the blog, you'll see this one. The quarter is there for scale :) AND I do know, beyond a doubt, that I need to get off my ass and get an eye appointment. Happy 43rd to myself in a few weeks :(

I also worked on Murky Manor during the week, getting the shutters done from last time, and getting the tree just past half-way, I think, maybe a hair more. Got the glow in the dark spider web done, too :)

And that's it for the week. I haven't been stitching at lunch at all - reading a book that is taking all of my attention, Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick (recommended by Cass) - wow, the story about the Plymouth settlement that we aren't taught, way more fascinating than you'd think. Check it out if you are into history at all...

This week, I plan to work on Jodie's RR, now that I have MM out of the Qs and off the floor stand. Then I suppose I'll go back to Murky. Who knows? Maybe Halloween Quaker? Dunno. Personally, I'm just trying to hang on until the time change, boy-howdy do I need my hour back! Happy Stitching this week to everyone, and Happy Halloween :)

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