Monday, October 18, 2010

Hot Apple Pie! An Update

Not much of an update, though - I seem to be running my ass off, getting nowhere fast, and not a lot to show for it other the the overwhelming desire to take a nap :) BUT, I did get the first apple pie of the season done yesterday - it's slightly browner than I prefer, since I was also folding Load 6 when the timer went off, but it's also realllyyyy flaky, so the color is irrelevant :)

As for stitching, I only worked on Murky Manor all week, and got a good bit done, though it seems I should have gotten more, since it's all I worked on??? Anyway, it's coming along well, though I have to admit, I was damn tempted to get Sleepy Hollow out, too, and get it started. If my WIP pile (specifically L&U & Knotgarden) weren't already hollering at me, I would have - but I can't bear the guilt of yet another WIP.

And that's it for the week. Weird, huh? I'll keep MM out this week, and who knows if anything else will make an appearance. I do want to get some stitches in on Jodie's RR, since I'd planned to last week, and just didn't find a stopping spot on MM.

In other news, for those of you that know me well, you'll know I have a great love of music. Well, as I was loading a shitload of CDs into iTunes, to load up my iPhone's iPod, I ran across some stuff I haven't listened to recently, reigniting my love affair with Robert Plant's voice. I have been playing his debut solo venture, 1982's Pictures At Eleven again, remembering the first time I heard Burning Down One Side on the radio (WTUE in Dayton), marveling at Slow Dancer, and singing along (in my fashion - I don't sing) with Moonlight in Samosa. Not too long ago, I caught a show on one of the cable channels with him, Alison Krause & T-Bone Burnett, about their Raising Sand release. As if my favorite song ever wasn't a Zeppelin song, Since I've Been Loving You, breaking out the solo Plant just reminds me what a talent the man is - Page might be a guitar god, but that voice is what put them over the top. No offense to Chris Cornell, who I would listen to reading the phone book, and who, btw, is doing a Zeppelin song on Santana's new record, Whole Lotta Love no less, but Robert Plant is the voice of my younger days, and now, as he's aged and it has mellowed, he is definitely smokey :) Mmmmmm... And I won't even mention the f'ing HAIR ENVY...

Anything the man has ever been involved with, I give 5 Martini Glasses out of 5 :)

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