Monday, December 13, 2010

F%$#ing Cold - An Update

Yes, it is COLD. Yes, I know I was just whinging not too long ago about the insufferable heat, and now I'm whinging about the cold. Here's some stats for temps, right now, in places I have lived in the world:
Dayton, OH - 19 F
Ipswich, UK - 36 F
Clovis, NM - 34 F
Rapid City, SD - 22 F
N. Georgia - 21 F

You know what it is in Phoenix right now? 52 F! Ipswich is freaking warmer than it is here; after freezing my ass off there for two years, it physically pains me to say that :) Yeah, AZ is looking better and better, though Flagstaff is chilly this morning, too (higher elevation). South Dakota is warmer than here (by one degree)? WTH? I want my sunshiney, 60-70 degree Christmas, dammit.... How am I supposed to finish shopping if I have to WEAR MY COAT?

Ahem... Hey, we've had flurries ever since Saturday! That makes me tired of it, too, so :b~~~~~ I did move here on purpose, to get away from that white stuff...

Okay, so, moving on. I HAVE A FINISH! I took Secret Garden out at my PINS get together Saturday - the first one I've been to since August, btw, thanks to the never-ending soccer. I got 3 bands done there, and only had the last one left - so I finished it up as soon as I got home (and got feeling back - it was freaking COLD in Loretta's, and my car was warm, by the time I got home). Here's the bottom half:

And then overall - I think my random DMC Variations choices worked out pretty good, though I was surprised to discover I'd used one of them twice. Oh well, not ripping it out now :)

And then, the only other thing I had time to work on this week was the Chatelaine Christmas Mandala, which is now half done! I was just dying to put beads on something earlier in the week, so I did the ones in the middle, then got an inner corner done and added beads, then the outer corner, etc. I would like to have this stitched by Christmas, so I can finish it into a flatfold during my time off - if I can manage to get into Hobby Lobby for fabric between now & then, too :)

So that's it for the week. I have not wrapped a single thing - though, in my defense, almost none of it is here yet, so I see me pulling my hair out next week, trying to get it all done. Still have a good bit of shopping to do - not looking forward to that - I've gotten everything online that I think I can, so now I actually have to go INTO stores :( AND I might even get some stuff shipped out in time to make it for Christmas - if any of it actually gets to me this week. At least I am NOT trying to get a team to FL this year - which is why I'm not too worried about the rest - if it happens, it happens; if not, well, Christmas will be late :) I had enough stress this time last year to last me for a decade - not doing it this year...

So, Happy Stitching to everyone, stay warm, and Happy Holidays!

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