Monday, March 07, 2011

HEY! Where'd Spring Go??? An Update

Yeah, yeah, as soon as I rub it in about how awesome it was here the last couple of weeks, of course, winter came back (though, OUR winter is still better than winter north of the Mason-Dixon). Rain, and I think lots of it - enough to have woken me up a few times overnight. Enough to cancel a weekend of soccer (darn - NOT). And the wind was definitely from way up north somewhere - BRRRRR! Back to a regular spring, whatever that is, this week - 50's for the highs, lows in the upper 30's, lower 40s. No frost predicted, as of right now, which is good, since all the Bradford pears are blooming....

(this is a pic from last year - the sun rising, turning all the pear tress across from work all pink & gold...)

Well, as for last week's stitching, there wasn't a lot - I didn't get much i n during the week, busy with other things. I only worked on Tanglewood during a couple of lunches, but I am ready to go back over to the left side of the chart again :)

And then, I decided to put Noah away when I got home last Monday, and caved in to a Mystery Start, which is my Halloween Mill Hill trio - the idea totally stolen from Nancy's Christmas MH RR :) I have the Haunted Library over half-stitched, maybe closer to 3/4 (hard to tell with all the beads still to go on). I haven't got the GITD thread on it yet - one of the three doesn't have any, so I'll have to save some and work it in :) I have some in BF, but these kits use braid, but there ought to be plenty left over....

This week, I am undecided what I will work on - I do need to get Lyne's out, it is sitting on top of my cabinet, ready to go, before I caved to the lure of a Mystery Start :) I may get a little further on the MH piece, or I may put it away. Besides Lyne's piece, Starry Nights is also calling. Maybe I need to work in both ;) Who knows what I'll actually do? Maybe it'll be another week of lots of writing, though I actually need to do some serious spring cleaning - but need to do that when someone is home (I need a chore boy) (and not the cheesy animated one, but an actual chore boy).

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Cathy said...

Great update Karen. Chore Boy? From your pictures I could use one of each!