Monday, March 28, 2011

Roller-coaster - an Update

And not the Love Rollercoaster song re-done by the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

I sent my MTM to Jill Rensel in Utah a week ago Friday - it was supposed to arrive on Monday. And didn't. Not Tuesday, either. Or Wednesday, Thursday. Friday, I went to the PO with receipt and tracking/insurance things - only to be told I had to wait 2 weeks before I could file a claim. But Jill had also said on Wednesday that things don't usually get to her when they are supposed to - even though I haven't had but 1-2 issues EVER in all my time mailing needlework things around the world. But it did arrive finally on Friday. I found that out about the same time that we found our missing cat, Beanie - who never misses breakfast - except when he's locked in the garage across the street, and not in that big of a hurry to head back home when the door opens... Friday sucked, basically, until about 5:30.

Then Saturday, I was at my monthly PINS meeting when I got a text that my son's GF had flipped her car, with my son in it. They were both okay, not even a scratch, despite broken glass. Both had their seat belts on, thankfully - I guess I've pounded that into his head for 18 years, so he's not completely ignoring me... He also got a job - if we can get his life guard training paid for. Which is the other end of the roller-coaster, as I did the taxes yesterday, and we lost him as a credit since he turned 17 last year (why is it 17?) - so now we have 2 weeks to come up with over $1000 (the waiting this long is a whole other argument that I am tired of having with someone that lives in this house). And got penalized for not having enough coming out, which is nothing more than insult to injury. I think it's time for Fair Tax....

On to the stitching, of which there's not as much as there ought to be, as usual.

I did NOT work on Tanglewood - what lunches I took, I was either writing or only stopped long enough to eat.

I DID work on Lyne's sampler, all metallic hell of it :) Sorry Paula, I'd rather do those doves any day of the week than work with 2 strands of BF :) But the doves are DONE, aside from the last of the backstitching that is waiting for the surrounding bits to get done, AND I nearly got the first bell done, despite the BF (which wasn't really that bad, it just has a mind of it's own sometimes. And the gold BF is a LOT more fragile than either the white or the rainbow). Still a way to go on this thing, but it's coming along....

At Saturday's PINS get together, I decided I needed a no-brainer project (even before I knew my kid's life was almost eclipsed), so I worked on Starry Nights for a little bit, since I didn't have to leave to go to the ER. Got a little bit more filled in.

AND while at PINS, the owner of the restaurant we meet at, Loretta's Country Kitchen, and his wife, who I assume is Loretta, both came out to chat with us, and both raved over a project Jean, our octogenarian, was working on - it had roosters/chickens on it. Well, a few months back, the other Jean had suggested we look for something that we could stitch for the restaurant. I was going through a HUGE pile of old mags that she'd brought to get rid of, and found a design I thought might be cool. But then I got wrapped up in fall soccer, and then they got wrapped up in family stuff, and we hadn't talked about it any more. But after they both raved about those chickens Saturday, I went through my stash list when I got home - I knew I'd made a note about that chart maybe working for them when I saw it; it is from Stitcher's World, July 2002. I started it yesterday :) It ought to be pretty quick, since it's mostly blackwork/backstitch:

And that's it for this week. Will keep on with Lyne's sampler, and who knows what else? Happy stitching this week to everyone :)

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