Monday, June 13, 2011

And The Rains Came Down - An Update

Yes, it rained, finally! We've had several thunderstorms go through the past week, dumping some much-needed rain, though from what I can tell, we've gotten a lot more at the house than lots of other places, including down by work. But since these fronts either pass us by completely or get stuck over us, I'm going to be greedy and say good, it was our turn to get some of it :) I expect watering restrictions to tighten any day, though; we've stayed on the odd/even ever since they declared (perhaps prematurely) the drought was over, but I suspect the limited hours will go into effect any day now. Not that I care, I don't water - but I don't want the water police busting me when I run the hose to clean out a trash can or whatever... We had a quick one go through last night, just as dinner was ready to go on the grill.

And my favorite Asiatic lilies, the Olivia's, might actually bloom now that they've had a drink!

As for stitching for the week, I worked a little more on Mary Wigham, and only have one more motif to go on the left-most side to reach the bottom (I think - there might be 2 - but I think it's one). BeMoiled finally made an appearance as that bottom left motif, and more of the BeSooted - I love these Be colors from HDF :)

The only other thing I worked on was the Birds of a Feather Mystery SAL - I am still trying to get Part 1 done, since I think the 2nd part just came out (I don't have it yet). I really like the colors in this, can't wait to see what the middle is going to be :)

In other news, the things I sent to Vikki Clayton for her Exhibition have been judged - she had 245 pieces show up for it, and the pro judges she got were, by all reports, quite impressed with the showing, both in the quantity and the quality. That's pretty exciting, IMO :) Of the 7 things I sent, 5 won some ribbon - I got one each of 1st thru 4th, 1st going to one of the Foursome Reel pieces (don't know which one) and an Honorable Mention on Fire Flower x2. The big thing the judges noted over and over, Vikki said, was carried threads - and I know I do that, so I can live with that critique :) I just can't imagine what all of that looks like, all in one place, since I've never been to anything like a Woodlawn. Maybe I'll get to go up for it next year or after :)

So this week, I want to try to get this BoaF Part 1 done. Then I need to work on Purrfect and/or Knotgarden - I need to have another finish, I need to get this pile whittled DOWN! I am really enjoying the samplers that I've been working on - I've been away from them for a while now, I guess really since I finished the last Foursome Reel piece, since 4 Saisions and MW weren't regularly rotated. Poor L&U is NOT digging my current need to get close-to-done stuff out... Can't be helped, I guess - so long as I can stave off starting the 20 things I really want to start, I will :) Until next week, happy stitching :)


Joysze said...

We had some much needed rain over the weekend here as well... but we need a lot more!

Can't wait to see your Olivia's in bloom... I love lilies. :D

WIPs are looking great. I always enjoy seeing samplers, I'm not one to do them myself, but I love seeing them take shape. :D

mdgtjulie said...

Pretty flowers Karen. And Good work on your samplers. I understand jonesing for a finish! I've been there. I usually work on big pieces and can go a long time without one!