Monday, June 27, 2011

An Official Summer Update

As opposed to the Summer Eve update of last week :) And wow, was this first week of summer SLAMMING - and no slowdown in sight, work-wise and home-wise. We have, though, continued to get some of the much needed rain, with thunderstorms rolling through every day but one; because of our location in the foothills of the mountains, systems going through either miss us entirely, or get stuck over us; we've been fortunate to be on the "tour" this year.

(Storm clouds building up)

So as predicted last Monday, I finished Purrfect Summer Day on Monday night :) Tuesday, I went to the Stitch In at the Stitch Store - yes, 2 weeks in a row! It was a full house! I was going to work on Tanglewood, and did, for about 30 minutes, but then I put it away and worked on last week's impulse start, Hocus Pocus. And that was finished on Wednesday night :)

(I did iron this before I took the pic - the stupid hoop left a shiny ring around it :( )

Thursday, I did some more work on Birds of a Feather - the 2nd part is out, so I really need to get Part 1 done, and am a flower and a half away - but I didn't take a picture of it, so you'll just have to take my word for it :) I will take a pic when I get the part done - which should be this week... Here's this instead:

(Monkey & Dummy keeping an eye out for the boxer next door)

Saturday, we had our June PINS get together, and as usual, a good time was had by all! We were short several people, for various reasons, but still a great, albeit short, afternoon. If you look at the window valances in this photo, you'll see why I'm doing the Hen & Rooster piece for our meeting spot :)

(Pictured from the left, going around - Jean, Jackie, Jean (you can't really see her), Kris, Donna, Diane, Liz, Judy, Me (if I'd NOT Been taking surprise pictures), Marty (who you also can't see - just like her sister Jean across the table there), and then Kristine) Everyone wants pictures, so here ya go :)

So anyway, while there, I worked on Tanglewood and finished the branch I had been working on. Once I get the other one done that intersects this one, I'll go over to the other side - I think the next branch on the right is the one the peacock sits on :)

And when I finished that branch, I put it up and got Mary Wigham out. I did the bottom motif on the left - that great purple is BeMused. I didn't quite finish it, so worked on it Saturday night, too, and since it was in the floor stand still on Sunday when I finally had time to sit down, gee, I started another motif, a green one, which is Be Leaved, and which needs to get finished tonight :)

As for this week beyond finishing that MW motif - well, I need to get BoaF Part 1 done, and then I think I want to get Knotgarden out - it's been sitting on the table, ready to pick up in an instant, and the chart has been stuck to the magnet board the whole time I've been doing other things, sooo.... I just gotta make myself do it - once I get it out and get going, it'll be fine; it's just getting it ON the stand that's the trick... I do have a 5-day weekend coming up this weekend - since I am not going to my 25th reunion now, I decided I needed a couple of days off that don't involve a funeral, a graduation, or any other "involved" goings on. Thanks to my mother's contribution to the Poor Relative Fund, I now have a trip booked to OH at the end of August to attend my niece Devon's wedding; look out Columbus, the entire clan will be together. I am really looking forward to it, especially since this is the 3rd wedding we've had, and I missed the other 2 because of school and soccer here :(

(A cardinal, which is the state bird of Ohio - and about 30 other states in the union - and because a Cardinal is intensely more interesting than a buckeye)

And that's the news, I guess. You know when you have scheduled time off coming, everything around you makes you EARN IT? That's my next 4 days... So, in case I'm swamped and don't "see" you, happy stitching this week to everyone!

(The sun setting last night after the thunderstorm blew outta here - more pics of that sky here)


Joysze said...

What a busy week you've had, Karen!

Congrats on the finish, it's sooooo cute, and all your WIPs look great. I'm hope you get Watergarden on the list soon. :)

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely Karen. Hocus Pocus is cute. Grats on the finishes! Everything else looks good. I think you're gonna have a finish on Tanglewood soon too!! Good luck with KG. Sometimes, we just have to buckle down and make ourselves do something!! Hope you have a good week! And enjoy your trip to Columbus. It's a lovely town! (I have a couple of good stitchy friends that live there, so I've been there about ten times, lol.)

Karen said...

"(I have a couple of good stitchy friends that live there, so I've been there about ten times, lol.)"
Being from Dayton, and having lots of people at the various schools in and around Columbus, I've been there a lot...

Ineke said...

Beautiful pictures of things in your life. Tanglewood is wonderful with all these curling branches. Must be a lot of work!
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