Monday, August 01, 2011

HOTTTTT - an Update

Wow, could I just skip the month of August. The predictions are, higher than average temps at LEAST until October. Oh goody. The bad thing is, it hasn't even been as hot here as it has been in other parts of the country - including OH. It's just that, it started here in April and will go though to probably pretty darn close to Turkey Day, never-ending with the oppressive heat, humidity, and smog - and then next day, WINTER. Eh, maybe we'll squeak in a fall, who knows? Depends on what storms brew up in the Gulf this year - and hopefully there will be some, because this country needs some RAIN down here in the southern half!

School starts one week from today. I am not ready, so I am sure Little Kid (who's taller then me by a few inches, so I should prol'y find him a new nick name) isn't ready, either. But he did survive band camp, and we got to see the show they've put together for the upcoming football season, with the theme of Dreams. It's kind of exciting to be doing something other than soccer after all these years... but I'm still not volunteering any more than I have to. There are too many SAHMs in my area that need something to do besides shopping. Consider it a community service :)

In other news, some stitching was done this past week, including at our Tuesday night at the IHOP :) I brought the chickens along, and have the 3rd one more than half done. I managed to make it look a little different than its flipped duplicate in the opposite corner, by doing the colors in different order, so in this one, the yellow is laying over the red, and the first one has the red laying over the yellow. I think it works that way :) I'll be glad to get this done soon...

And the only other thing I worked on all week was Tanglewood - I got the TREE DONE!!!! It's all Blue Skies from here on out, baby!

So, since I have these two SOOOO CLOSE to done - that's what I plan to work on. I also have to get cracking on my BoaF SAL, I can probably get that done in 2 weeks, too. So that's the game plan for the next little while :) Assuming my brain doesn't melt... But then, I AM back to War & Peace after finishing This is Gonna Hurt on Thursday, so... it could happen.

Happy stitching this week to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the new site - the colors are so vibrant and reflect your warm personality well.

Great job on the stitching, I think you've done more than I have!


Joysze said...

Great WIPs there, Karen. It's been so hot here too.... I hope there's a break in the heat soon. :(

Lissanne said...

Love your finished Tanglewood, and that photo of the melted ice cream truck is hilarious!!