Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remembrance - an Update

Like many here in the US, I spent some time yesterday remembering the tragedies of September 11th, 2001. There has been much discussion in recent days of where we were when we heard the news, much like people will tell you where they were when Kennedy was killed. Much like I'll tell you where I was when Pan Am 103 went down - making dinner, Kelsale-cum-Carlton, Suffolk, UK - about 6 weeks before I was to board a commercial flight back to the States from London Heathrow. Both of those events, and others like them (Oklahoma City, USS Cole, etc.) have made "terrorism" a household word, I'm sad to say, and has to be further classified by "foreign" or "domestic". And it all makes me wonder just what we've come to? From Pearl Harbor and D-Day to now - have we lost the way?

But at the same time that I have to try to stifle the anger, I have other things to remember on that particular day. One of my best friends in school, Cass, and her twin Sheryl, have September 11th as their birthday. It's my anniversary at work (sometimes good, sometimes, not so much :) ). And as is the case yesterday, it was a day of perfectly glorious weather, as only can be found in the fall; a day here similar to that day 10 years ago, in fact. So while it is paramount that we don't forget, or let down our guard, we also can't live in a state of fear, as those who do these things expect us to do, and life has to go on. And at the risk of running into religious and/or political pitfalls that I don't have the capacity or bandwidth to deal with at the moment, I think it was summed up well enough in  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. *

In lighter news, there was a small amount of stitching accomplished last week, though there were a few days where life got in the way, as it tends to do. Whatever I yammered on about last week as far as what I'd work on - never mind. Instead, I worked on Murky Manor for a few days, and got a good piece of the last tower done, as well as Booger The Cat (yes, I named the cat after my best friend).

I also worked on my The Stitcher's Village Sampler project piece, and Mary Wigham, both at the Tuesday night stitch-in at the IHOP. Not much on either, but every stitch draws me a little bit nearer the finish, huh? First, the Patricia Ann piece:

Then Mary (who clearly isn't going to get done this year at this rate):

So as for what's on deck this week - any of these, or the other things I need to get done (Knotgarden, BoaF). Who knows? I'm really enjoying MM, so may just stay on that until the guilt at not working on Knotgarden makes me move on to something else. Your guess really is as good as mine on that score...

In a side note, I take my fair entries in today - we'll see how that turns out at this fair I have never entered before (with the 1970s Little Ol' Church Lady categories). Could very likely be a complete bust - but you know what? Fair food makes it all worth it, since it's only once a year :) :)

Happy stitching this week!

* Because, really, quoting something out of the Bible isn't any more incongruous with my perceived nature than anything else I do, when you think about it.... Because, sometimes, there's a LOT more going on in the old brain case than some people give me credit for....

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Jennifer M. said...

I agree with your thoughts on 9/11 As scary and tragic as that day was, we can't live in fear. All we can do is hope and pray that something like that never happens again and just move forward with our lives.

Beautiful stitching progress. I love that Halloween piece you have going. That's going to look really cool when it is done, I can tell.

I hope you are having a great weekend. :)