Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally, Fall - an Update

(the first apple pie of the season :) )

Yes, people, we are actually going to have an AUTUMN here this year, I think, though it is back in the 80s this week. But it wasn't anywhere near 100 last week at the equinox, unlike last year! YAY! Now, if we could just get some rain in here every night - not during the day when I have to drive in it - then everything would be perfect :) We washed cars yesterday - so of course it's raining today; and I have the headache to show for it :(

(I blame Aunt Anne for this - my dogs are now addicted to Frosty Paws - you know, ICE CREAM FOR DOGS)

I go to pick up my fair entries tonight, and just in time - I'm ready to hang up my Halloween pieces ("officially", since Boo Club & 6 Bats have been on the mantle since I framed them in December) - time to take BoINK down and get Halloween Fairy in its place, then I want to get a little wire stand for my small pumpkin piece - it has a hanger on it, but we've never hung it, so I thought I'd put it on the table next to my jar of Autumn pinkeeps. Ought to make Monkey mad, she pretty much has the top of that table for her afternoon napping spot. Too bad... We'll see if I get any trouble collecting for the 2 ribbons they didn't add into the Overall tally - I plan to spend my prize money on BEADS!!! For Growth Rings, actually :)

(Monkey on that table, peering down the steps at me - this is her not-very-good gargoyle impression)

On to the stitching...

On our Tuesday night at the IHOP, I worked on Mary Wigham. I went back up to the top and worked right. Kinda. I got one motif done in Yawning Mountain, but it's not symmetrical to begin with, and I made it worse, somehow, so I took a part out that I need to fix in a way that won't drive me nuts (which is why I generally don't do reproduction samplers - I'm A/R, must have symmetry). And then I started the next motif, which is 2 colors - except my randomly chosen colors failed me, in that the 2nd color is indistinguishable from the first - but I wasn't about to even attempt to pick out that over-1 by the time I decided I'd have to pick something else :( So now I've got required frogging waiting on me...

(the new motif is the one next to the squirrel tree, and then the one I have to pick out the 2nd color is that green one next to 'EB")

Saturday we had our monthly PINS get together, and I just wasn't feeling any of the things in my travel bag - too hard to see, too hard to think about. So I thought I'd grab one of the kitted ornies we did this year instead of a RR - and I picked up the Santa that Anne sent, and got a good start on him!

Also, the place that we meet have been doing lots of improvements; we got new lights and heat/air in the area they set up for us, and now they've painted the entire place - and the walls now PERFECTLY MATCH the Chickens!!! I took it with me to show to those who hadn't seen it done yet, and held it up to the wall (on the sly, since the boss was hanging around, and I don't want them to see it until it's framed and given to them) - and it looks AWESOME!!! They read my mind, I'm telling you - it's about 2 shades darker gold than the yellow I used (725?)!!! Now I just gotta get it framed - it's in the cart, just have to get it ordered.

(This is Suwanee, GA City Hall - I just love this building)

And as predicted, I kept on with Murky Manor the rest of the week. IF I was to ignore all the other things I need to do, I could probably have this done in a couple more weeks - stitched in time for Halloween, though no way it would be framed before next year. Because, you know, I want to get to the beading parts :) I did take 2 pictures this week, one overall, and then a close up with the JABCO buttons laying roughly where they'll be placed when I get the stitching done.

(Where the buttons will go - imagine the tail on the rat, as it won't go on until he's sewn into place)

And even though Knotgarden & BoaF are literally screaming at me, I do think I'll keep MM out again - maybe not the whole week, but probably. I won't be going to the Tuesday night at IHOP this week - DH is working the gate at Road Atlanta for the Petite Le Mans, to work off some of our band debt :), so I need to chauffeur the kid to & from practice, and feed him. We may also be working a concession stand there over the weekend - IF we can, and if the kid has a ride to get wherever he needs to go for the competition that he thinks is this weekend. If I can survive all of those gigs I did at the local arena for soccer, I can do a weekend at the track for band, I guess. Kind of a unique opportunity, especially since I've never actually been to Road Atlanta for an event, though I can hear them on Sunday morning from the back of my house - it's only a few miles away, as the crow flies :)

In other news, we have a new addition - I finally got a new betta. I've wanted one for a long time, I look at them every time we go into Petsmart. Well, I finally got one. I forget what kind he is - I wasn't aware there were so many varieties now, I've always gotten just whatever the standard male is. He lives on the mantle, and Monkey hasn't seen it yet :)

And can you believe Nirvana released Nevermind 20 years ago??? The concert Live at the Paramount was on Palladia Friday night; so of course, it's on the DVR. Talk about a life cut short. And that Grohl, man, I don't know how he did that for a whole set - just whalin' on those drums; he probably burned 7-8000 calories in an hour set! I never got to go see them before Cobain did himself in :( I wish I had - though I don't mosh, so I woulda had my usual seat up on the side :) Ah, well, at least we have lots of recordings - MTV Unplugged is one of my favorite CDs (video linked there for you).

That's the news - Happy stitching this week, and catch you all next week...

(Our hummingbirds are probably gearing up for their trip to Mexico - though we supposedly have one that winters in GA. The bats will be gone about the same time - I loves my bats! I wish I could get photos of them, one of the several in our back yard is so fat!)


Joysze said...

The apple pie looks delish!! Great WIPs, I love the colors of your Mary Wigham, and the betta is gorgeous. :)

Cathy said...

All of your projects look great! I can almost taste the apple pie.