Monday, March 26, 2012

A Photo Weekend & Update

Yes, I actually went outside (and have the pollen in my lungs to prove it). I took a zillion photos this weekend, and some of them even came out! If there aren't enough in this post for you, here are more :) I love digital photography, where you can blow off 100 shots of the same thing and not have to worry about running out of film or the cost of processing it :) But then, I have almost none actually PRINTED OUT, so there's a drawback, though slight :)

On to the stitching this week...

Since I finished the Spirited Mandala, I needed a new Tuesday night project. Well, I didn't really need one, since Rainforest Crunch doesn't mind being worked on at all. But I've had IC Florin & Guilder in the bag since the beginning of the year, though I had a piece of 36ct PTP Fog kitted up with them - and I didn't know if I could see that count at the IHOP, so I hesitated to start (and I hated to hack into a fat 1/4 for just these 2 small pieces). Fortunately, the dilemma was solved when my PTP Mini Sampling came on Monday, and brought me a piece of 32ct Earthen; perfect! So, Florin has one color complete :)

All during the week, I continued to work on L&U confetti; I swear this page just does NOT want to be finished! I have been working on this lower 3rd for the entire month, and I STILL don't have it done! BUT I didn't break any needles on it this week, so I am improving, and I am damn close to finally getting to the bottom of Page 6. Here's the section I've been working on - LAST Week:

THIS week:

And just for reference, the chart - the orange & blue is everything I have done since I picked this up at the beginning of the month:

A much needed break was had on Saturday, when the PINS group met on Saturday. It was, as always, a good time, and over way too soon. I worked on Rainforest there, and completed another 3 blocks, though I was jamming to get the 3rd one done before I had to pack up and go home :( Fun, fun project, I am loving these colors!

That was it for the stitching. Friday, my oldest turned 19, so we had a cake and candles - he hosed the shot of the candles being blown, and refused to have a do-over correctly. I have no idea where he gets that obstinacy from, certainly not from ME :) Have I mentioned one of those damn dogs has a terrible sweet tooth? Yeah - blue icing and all....

This week, I WILL FINISH page 6 of L&U (you will probably hear the squeals). WHEN I do, I will get out Growth Rings again - I need to treat myself with some BEADS :) And speaking of beads, I have received my GORGEOUS purple fabric from Rose at FaeryFire Fabrics, and as soon as my back-ordered Glorianas from Cecilia's arrive, and more beads from ArtBeads arrive, I will take a picture of a partial floss toss (I still need several threads, including a LOT of PTB) - it's going to be cool, man! But then, it's purple, so even if it was completely heinous, it's still good for me :) :)

Happy Stitching this week to everyone!


Sue said...

Karen, everything looks magnificent! I love the photography AND the intricate pieces you are doing.

I admire everyone who can do these complicated charts!

Sue V.

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely post Karen. And I agree, if it's purple, it's good! Glad you got some progress on Lady and Unicorn (and remember, it's more than you had done before you started stitching, no matter how slow the progress is). Hope to hear you squealing soon. HAGN!!

Susan said...

Great photos. L&U is looking good. I like the Earthern fabric and works perfectly with the fiber. Thanks for the link to the fabric site, I hadn't heard of them before. Belated Birthday greetings to your oldest.

Joysze said...

Gorgeous pics, Karen. I feel about green how you feel about purple! ;)