Monday, March 05, 2012

Windblown - an Update

All I can say is, if the tornado season is this bad, this early - you know, WINTER - it's going to be a long spring... Just awful, awful weather Friday & Saturday, though at my house, it wasn't bad at all, despite the sirens going on & off for a few hours. I guess there was another bad storm that came through after I'd gone to bed; for a change, I didn't hear it. But unlike someone in my house, I did NOT sleep through any of the sirens... My thoughts continue to go out to all of those in Indiana and Kentucky that saw such devastation, not to mention even more in Alabama, where they haven't recovered from the big one that destroyed the city of Tuscaloosa last year, much like the Xenia tornado of 1974, which I very clearly remember....

On to the stitching stuff...

First off, a stash report. BEADS! I got a group of the delicas I need for Deep Blue Sea, and a few of the last ones for Sparkly Hummingbird, all from About Beads. I really like their packaging, slightly easier to both store and use than the tubes that I get from FMG. I just have a few crystals left to get for Hummingbird, and the fabric for it is dyed and will hopefully come to me this week from Rose at FaeryFire Fabrics. Not that this is getting started anytime soon, of course...

I managed to get 3 squares done on Rainforest Crunch at the Tuesday night stitch-in at the IHOP, despite the place being in total chaos for National Pancake Day, so the place was mobbed by people looking for free food - and gypping all the servers out of tips to go with. No offense IHOP, but it's really kinda crappy to make all the servers just kill themselves for zero recompense. We've been going there for going on a year now, and of course, there were people there who probably won't step foot into the place again until next year when the event repeats - so whatever the goal is, I think you missed... Anyway, despite the stares from people who were waiting & waiting for a table, who didn't understand why we weren't leaving (uh, sorry, we're PAYING customers), I rocked through 3 more blocks - I am really enjoying this, if you can't tell :)

And then, Lady & Unicorn. Confetti, confetti, confetti - will it ever end? Holy cow! Literally, for 6 days, all I did was 1-2 stitches here, tie off, move, do 1-2 stitches, tie off, etc. Not until I ventured down onto page 11 on Saturday did I do more than 3 stitches of the same color - I do have some big areas coming up, if I can just get to them!!! You may not be able to tell much from the small pictures here in the post, so it might be easier to go to the album to see what I managed to do.
Here is last week's:

This week's:

And then a detail shot, showing all but a couple of the upper holes FILLED IN finally on this page 6:

BTW, the yellow thing that I started to extend down onto page 11 will be a lion some day :)

This week, I am probably not going to go to the stitch in - I need to get the $#%$&@% taxes done, now that all the W2s are reportedly at home. I also need to take a small break from L&U, just a couple of days; my thumb is realllyyyy sore from pushing the needle through all of that, and the skin on the side of my middle finger needs a day or two to toughen back up, before I spend a lot of time putting the eye of the needle through it repeatedly. I need to get a leather thimble to wear on that finger when I work on this thing - a band aid just isn't tough enough. So I think I am going to break out the old Iris Fairy tonight, and work on her for a bit, until my thumb ache goes away.

I also need to get outside this coming weekend - the yard has been completely taken over by weed, so the daffodils and tulips I have up can't be seen, really. Since it's been so warm & wet all winter, it's time to mow, already; not my job, thank god - I'd be forced to buy some goats... So enjoy a picture from LAST year :) Happy Stitching to everyone this week!

(yes, a picture with a ghost image :) )


Joysze said...

I hear ya about the tornadoes. :( It's heartbreaking.

Love your WIP updates. The confetti in Lady is so worth it. The piece looks incredible!!

HAHAHAAHA, I know just what you mean about toughening up the middle... skin of the middle finger, ROFL!!! I once poked a hole in mine. :S

Good luck with the taxes.

Carolyn NC said...

The devastation is so sad. Thoughts and prayers go out to all of them. I love love LU - looking good, too. Have to check out that bead place. Great pictures.

Anne said...

I've heard about the horrible storms there and my heart goes out to those who are affected.

You have very similar tastes to me when it comes to chosing a design! I love the Lady and the Unicorn! I have thought about purchasing this one but have stopped because I only like to have a max of 2 BAP. Things are looking lovely!