Monday, April 23, 2012

The Fun Never Stops - an Update

Yep - it's Monday. Again. Ho-hum. And it's a chilly one, too, with wind from the north :( But maybe the wind will blow the last of the pollen out of here, so we can get past sinus season....

So on to the good stuff :)

(you'll notice his nose is YELLOW? That's what happens to nosy dogs who want to inspect the stitching - they get COLORED ON)

I worked on both Guilder & Rainforest Crunch a bit through the week. At Tuesday night's stitch in, I worked on Rainforest, though I have to say, the two blocks I worked on wanted to fight me the whole way. Not sure if it was a case of barometer head again, or just a comprehension issue; either way, I got the two blocks DONE, and only have 1 left on the top right corner:

And then Guilder saw a little action during a conference call that only requires me to listen along. Not much, but any little bit helps:

And then, my main focus of the week was again, A Quaker Halloween. I now have 2 1/2 motifs more completed:

Also this week, my fabric arrived for Chat Deep Blue Sea - which is slowly inching up the Must Start list :) This is a piece of Surf, a hair darker than the usual, from Sunny Dyes Fabric, on 28ct jobelan - here is a preliminary floss toss (still missing a few silks and most of the metallics - and more pearls coming for the oysters in Part 4 :) ):

This week, I will keep Halloween Quaker out long enough to finish both of these motifs that are started, and then I will put it away and get out Samplar 4 Saisons (as the month of HDF continues). I am planning to go to stitch night tomorrow, and maybe get a bigger chunk of Rainforest done, or more of Guilder; who knows? We also have PINS this coming Saturday - I can't wait! Happy stitching this week to everyone!


Linda said...

Everything looks great Karen.


Joysze said...

Man, Karen.... those flowers are TO DIE FOR!!! I always say that I know, but I mean it everytime.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, poor doggie!!! Look at those sad eyes. But I'd have done the same thing.

Love your Rainforest.... it's so yummy!!! DBS fabbie looks great. I can't wait to see your start on it.

Anne said...

Beautiful WIP's Karen!! I love all those flosses, beads and fabric laid out for your next Chat!! Those flowers are so beautiful too!!

Susan said...

Great progress. Given the amount of pollen in the air the yellow nose didn't seem so strange to me. Like your choice of fabric for Deep Blue Sea.

Mel said...

Your flower photography is at professional level! Damn these are GOOD shots!

Rainforest looks fabulous!

Quaker Halloween is starting to call to me now I'm seeing some of those motifs up close. You're enabling!

Great stitching as always!