Monday, April 16, 2012

WTH? Another Monday Update

So, let's start off a Monday with smoke; yep, blew out another hair dryer :( THIS time, the cord decided to give up the ghost - too much twisting all these years I've had it, finally shorted it out. Oh, well, time for a new one, I guess. And then it was an even worse than usual retardapalooza out on the interstate - it's landscape tuck season again, and you know they are always in the fast lane. And apparently the woman in the Hyundai was so late, she didn't have time to turn her lights on OR use her blinkers. At least I didn't see anyone putting makeup on in the car this morning, though I did see someone reading AND eating. I guess EVERYONE is back from spring break now...

So anyway, now that I'm safe in my little brick-enclosed cave for the next 9 hours, I can get on with the important stuff :)

First, the latest on Mary Wigham - I almost have Page 3 completed :) I am actually looking forward to the next time I have this out, as the next big motif on the right side is going to be in BeRedded! Here is where it stands as of Saturday afternoon (needle pack there for scale):

Tuesday night, I thought I would finish my IC Florin, and I got very close, before the old barometer head decided to intervene. So I finished it up as soon as I got home on Wednesday :) And then, spent a few minutes during lunch on Thursday to start Guilder right below it:

And lastly, but certainly not least - the much-neglected A Quaker Halloween made an appearance, when I put Mary away on Saturday :) Still not a big fan of HDF single strand floss, regular or premium - but I do enjoy this design, and it's MUCH easier to work on the 40ct with my glasses (which might be why I didn't get any further on it than I did when I put it up way back whenever). I do wish this chart was a hair smaller, just so there'd be less pages/motifs spread over multiple pages - I know I'm in the minority there :)

And that is it for last week's accomplishments. This week, I will keep on with Halloween Quaker - don't know if I'll go across or down, or both :) I am also planning to go to stitch night tomorrow, so will likely work on Guilder (or Rainforest - whichever one is screaming the loudest). It would seem that this is turning into not just Sampler month, but HDF month, as well, since Mary, Halloween, and Samplar 4 Saisons, when it makes an appearance later this month, are all kitted in HDF :) AND since Vikki will be in Atlanta this weekend, for a yarn show, so no stitching goodies with her :(, I guess that's appropriate. I may run over Saturday to meet her - depends on what else is going on.

Well, I guess that's it. Just as a side note, I have taken over 1100 photos with the new Canon :)


Susan said...

Great progress and beautiful flower photos. I can vouch that everyone is back from spring break here in the central VA and DC - absoultely crazy driving and every truck in the world this morning.

Maria del Valle said...

You have beautiful works!!

Joysze said...

Well.... I think you should take another 1100, cos these are some AMAZING pics. :D