Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Weekend, Short Week - an Update

Not that I won't pack a full week's worth of fun into the next 4 days, of course. And in case you were wondering, today is The Ascension of Bah�'u'll�h. Yeah, doesn't really mean much to me, either, unlike yesterday's Memorial Day. But hey, it's on my Jen Delyth calendar, so I thought I'd just throw it out there....

(I sure hope you have smell-o-vision installed on your computer for this gardenia - man I love these. Too bad this lives next door)

ANYWHO, I did manage to make some forward progress on TWO projects last week (yes, ONLY two) - Rainforest Crunch and Desert. First up, Rainforest, which saw 2 1/2 blocks done Tuesday night at the IHOP, and then another 2 1/2 done at Saturday's PINS gathering, with another started, though it contained a wee tadpole, so I backed it out to a good place and STOPPED. Here it is now:

I need to complete this row, and then one more row of 6 blocks under it, and it's done!

And now for Desert, which is going along pretty well. I am just about done with the very center section of Part 1 - as soon as I finish filling in the blanks with that horrible rayon (which STILL looks no different to me than the cotton), the I can start working on the bits around the outside of this.

And really, that's it for the week :) In other stitching-related news, I did pick up 2 Bent Creek charts in a stash swap on Saturday - Spooky Row (Halloween alphabet) and Glory (American flag alphabet) - both are now kitted and Glory will probably go into the travel bag and get started before Bone Cheeks will - just because wow, I found a really great RED in the stash from Victorian Motto Samplar Shoppe, and I want to stitch it :)

This week, I will keep on with Desert - don't know if I will finish Part 1 - I should, because you know, BEADS. But Secret Victorian is next in line, I think, and then Tuscany - those will be my June focus pieces. And hopefully working on 3 Chatelaines back to back will stifle the screaming coming from Deep Blue Sea & Sparkly Hummingbird, now that I FINALLY got my last order of metallics from SB&Bs (in only about 8 weeks!) So check back next week to see if I got a bead fix or not :)

(sometimes you have to stay for the credits...)

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mdgtjulie said...

Lovely pics Karen. I love the Jays and the squirrels. Cute! I wish my camera took such good close ups too. Your DLM looks fabulous. I just finished up a rotation of mine, and put it back away. I'm on part eight. Unfortunately, my disc got corrupted, and I have to rebuy the chart so I can bead the first two parts. Sucks to be me this week. I did learn something. Don't put the box with your discs in it anywhere near the box with the fridge magnets in it!!! Your other piece is coming along (and HUGE) too. Wow, that's a large WIP. I bet you'll really be dancing the happy dance when it's done!!