Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday, Already? An Update

Even though I took Friday off, the weekend went too quick. DH was at Talladega for the races all weekend, so a certain dog with some serious separation anxiety issues was a basket case, which was only exacerbated by the lovely neighbors who decided they needed to have a bon fire Saturday night (despite the burn ban being on) until 2 freaking a.m. Because that certain dog needs an excuse to bark every time he hears a sound outside... :(

When I wasn't trying to sleep, I got all the bobbins wound for not only Deep Blue Sea, but Desert, as well. Because I am tempting fate by literally having 3 complete Chatelaine kits actually physically ready to go :) Well, once my SB&B's order shows up to bring me the last of the PTB, that is :) I need to e-mail Cindy at ECC this week for one last fiber (Gloriana perle? I forget what it is - one oddball on DBS)...

I also managed to get some stitching in this week, beginning with 3 more blocks on Rainforest Crunch, done Tuesday night. These 3 went MUCH quicker than the two previous ones did, so it must have been barometer head last time :) Well past half-way now - I want to get it done, but also want to make it last, because I am enjoying it so much, and LOVE these colors :)

I also picked up my IC Full Moon, which has been banging around in my travel bag, felling kind of lonely - it got superseded by the Halloween mandala, and I figured I'd better get it done before I start Bone Cheeks :) While not done, I'm close:

And in between Tuesday night at the IHOP, and a steel drum concert at the high school, I also worked on Samplar 4 Saisons some more, and have all of Spring, tree included, at roughly 99% done :) I just have to finish the middle branch and get the spring-side leaves on - it's kind of a judgment call as to where spring ends and summers begins, since this isn't charted for all these colors, only red & white. I had a red pen sitting beside me so I could mark up the chart as I got to sections that I wanted to define as one or another - we'll see, many years from now, if I got them right :) Here's the overall to date:

And then a close-up of just the tree section:

I put Saisons away last night, so this week, I think I will work on either Noah's Sub or Celtic Banner; depends how tired I am when I get home today, and how much of a challenge I am up to - all those 1/4 stitches in NS, and backstitching - might not have the mental bandwidth for it today. We have band stuff to do this week & next, and school is done on May 17 - isn't that crazy? I remember going to mid-June, but then, I never went back the first week of August, either, so... My baby will be a Sophomore! And the new marching band season starts in June, with Tuesday practices up until camp in July... At least I don't have 4-hour drives (one way) for band stuff :)

(That's mine, the one in the back who's head you can see, playing the Double Guitar drums)

Until next week, Happy Stitching!

(my kid seems to be goofing around in the back - so despite me standing there long enough to take half a dozen pictures, I can just make out the top of his head in one or two...)


Melissa said...

Seems that you've had a busy week! I love your 4 seasons sampler!!! Who's the designer???

Karen said...

Thanks - not as busy as I used to be when I had 2 playing soccer 11 months a year, but still, busy enough :) Samplar 4 Saisons is by Anagram Diffusion, which I don't think actually exists as a company name anymore, but can be found here:

mdgtjulie said...

Hi Karen. I can't wait to see your Noah's Sub. I started mine April first and it's coming along well. It's a wonderful chart. I'm SALing it with a couple of friends. Your seasonal sampler looks huge!! Pretty though. I love all the greens in summer. Very nice. And your other project is intriguing. Is it needlepoint or cross stitch? It looks like Satin Stitch to my untrained eyes.

Susan said...

Love Rainforest Crunch. I have worked on couple of projects that were like this - make it last but want to get it done at the same time. Congratulations on getting your Chats kitted and ready - I have more than I care to admit in that stage (it's all part of my retirement plan).

Cathy said...

Great progress! I also have a neighbor who has bonfires every friday night until early in the morning. All of the teenagers hang out there and I can hear them talking all night.