Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another Thursday

I am working on green beads tonight; got a twister strand of peacock green pearls done last night, now need to work on the Czech Druks and seeds. I need to get back to my pumpkin cross stitch; I finished the sign section and got some more backstitch done. The moon in the sign is pretty cool - I added glow-in-the-dark thread by Kreink to it.

There is a bead show at Gwinnett Civic center this weekend; I'm planning on going Sunday, whether I have any money to buy, or not. I haven't been to one yet, so I'll be curious to see what's there. Even if I don't have much to spend, at least I can soak up some ideas, and possibly find sources for stuff, when I get established.

I have yet to make my pictures of the beads work - the ones that all look as good as I can get them are all around 1 Mb or better, which is a lot of space to take up on the site. I might just try my old rickety Minolta SLR (you know, a film camera), make myself get the roll developed, and try scanning those and/or getting the film digitized. I gotta get up to see Bob the Wolf Camera Guy.

And just what exactly is up with people refusing to use turn signals? If you're too freaking lazy to tap that little lever there, then you definitely shouldn't be reading, eating, or talking on the phone. You know, way back when I drove manual transmissions, and when I smoked, I was able to do all of these things while simultaneously using the blinker! Yes, I am skilled, but still. And no, it isn't completely obvious that you are going to cut over in front of me. Repeatedly. Are you an asshole all of the time, or only on certain days?

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