Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bead Show Survival

So I went to the Intergalactic Bead Show today. Man, what a lot of cool stuff. I had to keep telling myself no more purple or green beads, but ended up with one strand of purple something - I, of course, have forgotten the name of the stone (it is Charoite, from C&S Beads) -but that's all. I found some cranberry pearls, both in potato and blistered flat squares; they are very pretty, and the potatoes just feel good next to your skin. I will hand-knot the potatoes on some silk; the squares, I probably need to mix with something gold. I also got an assortment of donuts - I like those, but have never had the chance to pick the ones I like from a huge bin until today. Will I ever get back to my cross stitch? Yeah, eventually, I'm sure.

Hurricame Katrina is on it's way to New Orleans, and I'm sure we'll get slammed with rain for the next couple of days; good thing, since we've only had 6.35" so far for the month of August. Not sure how much we're supposed to have, but I bet it isn't 6.35". Hopefully we can get the ribs barbequed before the thunderstorms start tonight. That little kitty that has decided to live here had better make her way into the garage, or she'll get washed away - she isn't coming in the house with the other ones. I guess we've decided her name is KittyKitty - how original.

The 12-year-old had a scrimmage soccer game yesterday, against the Dahlonaga U-14 team; they held them the first half 1-0, but the second half, I think they got tired, and lost 2-1. That U-14 team was huge - they had one kid on there, I bet he was 5'8", 150 pounds or better, and let me tell you, he could move. I think the goalie drove himself to the game, and he had a big manly voice when he was hollering at his teammates. We have the Atlanta Cup next weekend; we were the Div. IV champs last year; I hope we do as well this year - we've got the potential, for sure, though we have moved up to C-2 now. We'll see - hopefully no hurricanes or other adverse weather will interfere like last year; most of the Florida teams ended up canceling last year because of Ivan? One of the 4 last fall. Gee, I had all summer to get a website business going, so of course, I start right before soccer season starts.

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