Monday, October 03, 2005

Another Weekend Gone

Friday, the washing machine decided to break; we think it is the switch that tells it the tub is full and to stop filling. We had 3 inches of water on the floor. Well, we have a bunch of dirty clothes now, but the laundry room floor is really clean. We have a new switch coming, tomorrow or Wednesday; I hope that fixes it. It took me a while Friday night to find a laundromat not in Little Mexico; the one we used to have in our town is now the Police Station (I guess they are trying to clean up. Bad, I know - blame my boss, he said it first). Just one more thing in our house that doesn't work. It's always something.

We had a decent soccer weekend; the little kid, who has had 3 ties in a row, won one, and his other team, won, also. I think we now have the winning combination for both of those teams. I missed his game, though, because I was at the big kid's game; we finally scored a goal! 3 in fact. We tied that game, and then, Sunday, he played again, and we lost that one, but it wasn't a shut-out. The reffing was really bad Sunday; there were some really blatant things that were not called evenly. We had a ref standing there, watching the game, and as I was commenting on calls, to anyone who was listening, somebody said something about home field advantage, at which point I said that doesn't work at our field. Came to find out that ref standing there was one of ours, and she was at this other park on most Sundays, and she said it was a compliment to them that our refs do not show any home field advantage. Well, it might be a compliment to the refs, but when every other field we play at definitely has it for their home teams, it puts us at the disadvantage. Whatever.

The team we played Sunday was one of big kid's buddies, who's dad is the coach; if all else fails, maybe we could consider that game a pre-tryout tryout, if the coach paid big kid any attention. If our coach doesn't make any advances in his coaching (or give up and let someone else take over the team), we will be going somewhere else. It's up to our coach whether it happens in January or July. I don't know if I can stomach the driving, but if we are going to continue on with this silly game, then I guess we'll have to do something; when you live in the sticks, your options are limited. Partly, I'd be willing to go somewhere else just to get away from a few of the parents currently involved. The first year we were with this team, there were the snobs and then the rest of us, including the Hispanic families, and it was very obvious there was a distinction between the two groups. Then last year, we all got along really well (mostly), except for the coach's wife, who has some kind of mental issue, we just don't know what. Now, we have new parents, a few of whom are quite sure us small-club country people don't know anything about the game, and spend the games coaching us on the rules and the politics of it. I'm about done. They spend more time correcting us parents (me, usually) and extolling the virtues of their children, because, though we were division champs last year, we obviously didn't have a team before they came to it. And as I don't like to sit near the chatterboxes either, there's no where for me and one other mom to be on the sidelines where we can just watch the game and have our tirades in peace. It's either suffer the chatterboxes (which I can do), or put up with the retards, who have no clue what is going on in the game, ever, or take the lectures from the newbies. Some of the guys stand off to the side, but I guess I can't go over there, either, because they all stop talking when I walk up - we womenfolk are supposed to stay in our designated areas, I guess, though I don't recall having read that rule anywhere. It's been a stupid season, so far; I'm hoping it improves this weekend. If not, it's going to be a long one, and then the dread of the Spring one will start in January.

And I found out Friday that 80% of the beads I have been planning on as the cornerstone of my web business have, just this past week, doubled in price. Man, I am still floored; they are glass. Gold and silver have both gone down; glass goes up in their place? So now, I have to rethink a whole bunch of stuff, and I have to do it before Wednesday, because the group I do bulk buys through has Wednesday as the deadline for first order (if we can just delete what I already submitted). I may have to rethink the way I was going to set up the site, to have options and color choices, and each thing custom made to order; I may have to go the more traditional route, and have finished things pictured and to be sold/shipped immediately upon request. Which also means that I can't wear them all myself. I was going to have the gallery for all of the one-offs of the ones I've made for myself and as gifts, some of which may or may not be re-created (sea beads, for example - I am doing one of those for my best friend's mom, adding some length to it, as I was able to find the dragon fly beads again), and it would have been on a check-with-me status; I can still do that, but that may be the bigger portion of the site now, which creates more work. And maybe it won't be as bad as I'm thinking; maybe, if it gets off the ground, I can build up my stock, and do what I originally intended - I just may not be able to start out that way. Too much to think about, too much stuff going on. And the Christmas crazies are just days away - I should get my club check this week, so I hope to be done in a few weeks - when the money runs out, I'm done, whether I'm done or not. Kids come first, DH next, then the rest. What a racket. Enough for today!

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