Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fall Has Arrived!

Well, we got through the end of the quarter at work, and from what we hear, did well. The bosses took us out for lunch Friday, at Roadhouse Grill. They brought us dinner steaks instead of lunch steaks - I did my best, but holy cow! I left half of it. It was good. That was payment enough for getting sw release CDs made and shipped. Now, for the next three weeks, I am a group of one; my co-worker is out for her third back surgery. Oh, goody, I get all the pre-move clean-up all to myself. Not to mention everything else. And I assume she won't be able to do anything with the move when she gets back, either; good, she can do all of the keying work, since I really hate data entry. She can have all the carpal tunnel she wants. I certainly hope I don't develop any of these health issues when I get to that age - if I'm not there, who will be?

Soccer this weekend was kind of a mixed bag; little kid lost (one of our players got lost on the way to the game, and never did find the place - we missed him); his other team won. And the big kid won one, lost one. And the loss was just plain stupid - ineffective coaching, again. Reffing was flaky again, too. Our trainer is really hot on the flat-back defense, and it just doesn't work for this team; we aren't fast enough for it. Every team we come up against who knows how to play through-ball just kills us when we have flat back. And we have lost 1 player for good, one just didn't show up at all this weekend (due to his bad grades, his mom isn't letting him play - thanks for the call, NOT), and one of mediocre players has all kinds of issues, and will NOT be playing on Sundays. And they haven't paid one dime for this season yet. And we've got one of the pokiest kids you ever saw playing up front. He needs to be sitting on the bench. And 2 of our 3 newbies are doing fantastic, but the third? Well, he makes mistake after mistake, but he plays the whole game. I do not get it. Well, I get it, but I'm not real sure why it's going on. We are reaaaalllllyyyy fed up with this team; we have some tremendous talent, but the coach just kinda seems to be punishing them, or something, and giving all of the kudos to the lame-os. Something has got to give; this isn't a Select team, it's a very talented rec team. But when this is all that shows up at tryouts, I guess you have to take what you get. Sad. Most of the talent pool in our area is living in poverty, so there's no way we can draw from them.

About time to kick into Christmas mode. I have ordered beads for a couple of presents, as well as for stock; I won't be getting them until mid-November, so when they get here, I'm going to be busy. I haven't gotten the Halloween stuff out yet; I don't even know if we are going to be here for trick or treating, or if we'll be in Savannah. I may get it out this week, unless I have to put in some OT, to make it look like we are really struggling with one of us gone. I'm sure I'll get asked to stay late, probably as soon as it is the most inconvenient. And I got a bunch of shit about wanting those days to go to Savannah, even though I knew about it before this stupid surgery was scheduled. You know what, I think they just might have to adjust - it's okay when I am the only one there, but it's not when the boss is? I think that's kind of crappy. They'll be SOL if I get sick, huh? Considering we've had strep and pneumonia in the house in the past few weeks, they're pretty lucky I've fought it all off, so far. I do get the feeling, though, that they don't see this, because somebody is always getting OT and I'm not. It's pretty unfair, too, I think; I spend 40 hours a week doing CM work, and other people spend 30 hours doing nothing, then find a whole bunch of extra work to do for other departments, justifying OT. What a load of crap. And I didn't get taken out for lunch for my 5-year anniversary, mainly because I just didn't say anything; the boss got guilted into it last year, and I thought that maybe he would remember on his own - he didn't. Alright, enough of that - don't want to go to work tomorrow; can you tell?

We got some rain from Tropical Storm Tammy - we got 5.65" from Wednesday through Friday. I hope the storms are over for the year now; I'm getting tired of the whole damn Katrina debacle. Hey, mayor and governor, you guys screwed up, huge; please just admit it and move on. Yes, it's a tragedy, but I have done my bit to help, as have almost everyone I know - stop yer whinin', and get to work, and stop looking for more cash handouts. Those stupid casinos aren't going to build themselves, are they? Looting police; by all means, let's knock ourselves out and help these people. Let's rebuild the prisons first, and it should be pretty easy after that. It's like I've said ever since we moved here; the South lost the Civil War partly because of their lack of railroads, but there are more damn train museums down here than any place I've been in the country. I expect some huge memorial to hurricanes and the ineffectiveness of the Republicans to respond to them to be erected in NO, so the "lazy" folks have a place to demonstrate and demand reparations from all of us. People kill me.

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