Monday, February 09, 2009

A Season-Opening Update

Today is the official opening day of the HS soccer season - we have a game tonight at 7:30 :) They had a scrimmage last Friday, which they lost 4-0; but, last year's Division Champions lost their first scrimmage 4-0, also, to a lesser team than we played this year. So, here's hoping... fingers crossed this season kicks just as much butt as last year's!! And here's hoping I don't get stuck in the damn concession stand - I hate being around food like that...

On to the stitching for this week. I finished another of the Dragon Dreams ornies, Christmyth Fairy. I had to make a couple of mods, as the skin was originally supposed to be bright boiled pink, and I thought her original hair color a little boring, so switched it to a different boring. And Multiply will NOT let me load it into my 2009 Finishes album - I have sent that to Customer Support - they better get it fixed, since I plan to put a few other things in there over this year :) At any rate, I was able to load her to the Ornie Challenge folder:
I have the Pegasus next up, but I don't think I'll start it this week - need to do a biscornu before I do any more ornaments...

I also did a bit of work on Shawn's Yesteryear for our RR, but it's kind of a brown blob, so I didn't take a picture yet. I hope to get this section done over the next week, week and a half, so it can go on it's way to Anita :) Speaking of Anita, I need to get that second Patricia Ann ready to go, in case Anita gets Lavender Path half-done :) If my Kreinik ever shows up. If it's obscure and no one keeps it in stock, you can be sure I need it :)

My main piece this week was MTM. I completed part 2 last night - and was really hoping I would have gotten done in time to allow me to get a few stitches in on Part 3. Boy, I sure could keep working on this piece, if EGS wasn't also calling my name! Here is Part 2:

I've gotten spoiled with not having that much soccer over the last few weeks - but my reprieve is over, and now I'm going to lose a night or two a week while HS ball is going on :( I hope the weather cooperates this year and doesn't make it too cold to do any at games - last year, I couldn't do any until about the end of April - and then we froze to death on Mother's Day, too. Can't rely on the weather for anything, except to be completely unlike any year before. Isn't that annoying?

Anyway, this week, I will be working on EGS, and as it's warm today, hope to work on BoInk and/or Yesteryear. Little Kid & DH don't start for another week or two - they have practice, but no games yet, so maybe I can make up for my lost nights over the weekend... Until next week, Happy Stitching to everyone!!!

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