Monday, June 29, 2009

Another HOT Monday Update

It was already 80 when I walked out to my car at 7:10 this morning! I love heat, but man, this humidity is KILLING me! It's like breathing water out there! But hey, only 3 more months, then it will be nice out again!! The smog is doing wonders for my skin, too - can't keep it clean, and too much washing isn't going to help, either :(

The Big Kid got home at 5:30 this morning from 4 days in VA, playing (and losing) soccer. Kind of a long way to go to get beat 5 times on two different teams (he played up with the U17, as well as with his U16 - but come August, he'll be a U17, too). He also got at least one card out of the weekend; I haven't really talked to him much, since apparently he couldn't be bothered to call his old mom while he was up there, and we were both trying to cram in more sleep this morning. I'll get the rundown when I get home. Apparently, my son's kind of a hothead. No idea where that might come from...

Onto the stitching for the week. Well, since I finished Medieval Mini last week, the current lunch project is a freebie I found here: a Halloween ornament :) I am going to assume that a Halloween piece will still fit under the Ornie Challenge guidelines - I was compelled to do this one ASAP! Here's where I left off last week:

We'll see how far I get on it this week, since I only have 3 1/2 days this week (4th of July, we get Friday off, and the boys have check-ups on Thursday, so I'm outta here early - which is purely coincidental). I do feel an ornie finishing day coming in August - they are starting to pile up!

My main project this week was MTM - the dreaded Part 5, which is a lot bigger than it looks! But as slow as Corner 2 was last time, even with the extra days I added to it after we got back from our Memorial Day weekend trip, I still couldn't get #2 done. Well, it was a lot quicker this time; I finished # 2, and went right into #3, and got it done yesterday around 4:00. I should have started #4, but I wanted to work on my RR some more, too, so I called it good where I was :) Here it is to date:
I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!! This really is my favoritest project ever - so far :) These colors really just blow me away all over again every time I look at it :) Is it silly to keep thinking that about something I've been working on for 1/2 a year already? Oh, well, too bad if it is - I can't help it :) We'll see if I'm singing this same tune after 2-3 sides of those buildings though... :)

As I mentioned earlier, I also worked on my RR piece, Natalie's Tanglewood. I took it to the local stitching meet on Saturday, and everyone was ogling over the threads :) I had it in a tiny set of Qs (I have all the bigger ones tied up somewhere, I guess), so you could only see the small area I was working on. I got the leaves caught up from where I left off last time, then worked the two small branches beside the peacock while at the meeting. Then yesterday, when I got that MTM corner done, and after we ate dinner, I worked on until bedtime, getting the peacock's branch outline, and a lot of the peacock himself outlined, too. I will get the branch filled in and finish the peacock before I send it on to Anita - may not get to the leaves on the branch, and likely won't get that last bit of sky done, either :) And yes, I still really want to work on mine, too, especially since it's in a completely different spot :)

This week, I will work on EGS, and hopefully make it not feel neglected, since I skipped it last month to work on MTM, thanks to Holiday Interruptus. I have another RR I need to work on and get it ready to go on, too, though I can't show that one until after it has been received :) Who knows what I'll actually work on, with a whole extra day off with nothing in particular planned? Heck, I might even work on one of the 3-4 bead things I have laying around :)

In other news, while I was at the stitch group Saturday, the ladies told me that the great shop up in the N. GA mountains, the Dogwood Patch that I have never had a chance to go to, is moving at the first of the coming year - to in between work & home!!!!! Boy, this is going to be dangerous!!!!!! Her online catalog isn't the greatest, she supposedly carries tons more than is shown - and the new place has more footage, so maybe I can talk her into some stuff :) Glorianas? RG Petite Treasure Braids? Carrie's maybe??? Stay tuned for updates as that develops....See a Walk In The Woods video here.


ange said...

your wips are beautiful!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Beautiful work! It's hot and humid in the UK too :o( 90 degrees - that's hot for us!