Monday, June 15, 2009

A Late-Monday Update

Yeah, brilliant me - took the camera to work today, but not the cord! WooHoo! So had to wait all day until I could get home, get a couple of chores done or started, and now finally, cutting into my stitching time - so maybe I will be brief :)
The first project I will update is my TW Medi Mini, which I should have updated last week, too, but enough was enough last week :) I am on the downhill side on this piece, having gotten the horse & knight stitched, except the backstitching. Just have a little background in full over-1 crosses, then the castle in half-stitches, and finish up the bs.
Once I finish that, I have a quick Halloween ornie/small to do, and then I'm finishing D is for Dog. Then I will have to rekit my travel projects - I have an iris piece that ought to be portable, as well as two Arelate Studio pieces (RAKs from Mel) that might be portable, too - Best Friends is, Bunny Battle might have too much floss to contend with...

Second, I worked on Lyne's wedding sampler for a couple of hours, too, getting some of the miles of ribbon done going towards the doves, top left. This thing has a lot of color changes, but it really is pretty rhythmic. I feel like I'm making good progress on it, even though I've only done small bits - we'll see how it goes as I get to the big bits :)
My main project for last week was Foursome Reel #2, the over-1 piece on 36ct. Not too many frogs this time, and I decided to leave last rotation's frog in there. For whatever reason, I didn't feel the need to use my magnifier this time at all, and not using that thing allows me to go faster - not making myself walleyed is an advantage, I guess :) If I could have 2 more weeks like last week, it would be done, and I could start Anatolia! Because I am definitely taking a break from FR before starting #3 - give the frogs a chance to move out :) On the picture is a quarter, to give you the scale:

And lastly, two nights, I put Foursome down, and did some work on Chat Noir! I have about 2/3 of page 1 done, and a good jump on 2, but more importantly, I have a black cat ear :) Now, be warned - as of right now, the album for Chat is hosed (thanks to Multiply's upgrade, I bet), and the descriptions of the previous photos are there, but the pictures there are not the right ones - Easter exchange pics have morphed themselves onto the Chat pictures, and of course, two of the three that were hosed are on the computer at work. I will try to get them fixed tomorrow. I love upgrades. Really. I'm afraid to flip through and see what else got morphed, especially as who knows where some of the photos are? Anyway, here's Chat now:

Well, that's it for this week's update :) This week, I work on Lady & Unicorn, and really, really hope to get as close to getting the top row of pages done as possible, as this month marks my 3rd anniversary on it. With that in mind, it's anyone's guess as to whether I'll work on anything else this week, or not - depends on how the brain holds out, I guess :) Even if I don't quite finish that row, I won't feel too bad - I have to remember the few months I didn't actually work on it right after I started it (I blew my mind with the hugeness of the thing, then killed myself doing Christmas presents) - so in reality, I've really only worked on it, in rotation, for about 2 1/2 years. Which doesn't sound much better... Check back next week - hopefully earlier in the day - to see how close I come to the end of the row!! Until then, happy stitching everyone!!!


Milly~ said...

Great updates! Your Foursome Reel is wonderful.

Felicity said...

What a wonderful collection of projects! I'm going to be doing the wedding sampler, too. It's a gift for my step-son and his future wife. Wish me luck - LOL.