Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New Dog

Okay, here's a couple of pics of the newest animal I get to take care of:
I can't tell you his name yet, because we haven't really decided yet; he was Huckleberry Hound (Huck) with his first family, and then his 2nd family named him another cartoon character, Augie Doggie. We've been through Forrest, Buster, Barney, back to Huck, and still haven't hit on it. Can't figure out what he is, either - possibly bassett hound and something BIG - he is taller than Sis, but SKINNY, except for his big giant head. He has a bassett bark.I HOPE he's not bassett & great dane, because man his feet are HUGE, and his legs are LONG. The original people that had to get rid of him said he was about the same age as Sis, who is a year and 8 months now - but this guy still has puppy teeth! OMG he's going to be freakin' huge! And dumber than a bag of hammers - but can sit better than Sis :)
And you'll notice the big brown spot under him there? He pukes big, too :(

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Milly~ said...

What a cutie!