Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School - a Monday Update!

Yes, it's true - today was the first day of school!! WooHoo!!! Dumb Dog is going to hate spending all day in the crate, but I am glad the boys are out of the house, without me having to take them anywhere!! They weren't too happy about it, but they both got up this morning (though Dumb Dog was making all kinds of racket, so everyone in a 2-mile radius probably woke up, whether they wanted to or not). And, since school was starting, summer came back - the 79-82 degree days are over, I expect, until october. Back into the 90's with 8000% humidity - and my skin is really, really not liking it, nor is my head. You know, I really could just skip the month of August here, it really wouldn't bother me a lot.

Well, the past week's stitching was scattered at best. I lost two nights to my new soccer team managerial duties - and foresee losing a lot more, since this has already turned into a huge cluster. I lost all of Saturday daytime to 2 games and a pre-season party, and no stitching at or during the games because it was TOO FREAKIN' HOT and HUMID :( Between lunches last week and a little bit of stitching one night at camp, before the mosquitoes and headache made it too much to try, I got some progress in on Iris - I really am still wondering about some of these 1986 colors called out, though I assume they'll all fall together when I get it done. The third iris, on the right, ought to go real quick, when I get there, as it is almost all backstitched outline, just a hint of color inside it. I'll try to get the one on the left, the only solid one, done this week.That dark blue is still kind of weird - don't think I've ever actually seen that color on an Iris before....

My main focus of the week was EGS, but between losing Monday & Thursday nights, and just not really feeling like working on it very much (not in the mood for greens, I guess), I really didn't do very much on it - I think I got 2 symbols done in this current section? I only worked for about 2-3 hours, at most, and just couldn't get motivated to pick it back up. Here's the bit I did:
One night, I also picked up Lyne's wedding sampler for an hour or two - could have kept going, except, surprise, I was interrupted by Mom duties - Open House at school, dinner, who knows what all. Anyway, once I get the flowers and ribbon on top done, I'll be into those doves, and assuming I don't get completely lost on the wings, since they are only a few colors, hopefully I will fly right through them, though I know I will have to bs as I go, or I will be lost!You will have to click on this pic, go to the album, and see the previous photo to see what's new - it's not a lot, but some, up and left, I think...

Now, what really got my attention this week was Nancy's RR. I got all of the stitching done on my Needlework Shop square Sunday afternoon, and started putting beads on! You can't really see the beads very well - the most that's on right now are matte Maize, so blend right in with the fabric, until I get the others added in around it. There are also some white ones here & there. We'll see if I do more this coming week - I was really impatient to get the stitching done so I could get to the beads, and can hopefully get one of the other sections a little closer to done, too - because I want to put more beads on! :) Here it is as of 9:00 last night when I went to bed:
If you click on this to go to the original, you can zoom in and see the beads along the roof line mostly. I still have two packs of beads that I haven't even been in yet - see all those holes in the roof and the bushes? And the wreaths, too, of course - lots & lots left to go :) Also check out the store's name - that's the name of my other blog :)

This week, back to Knotgarden, and hopefully more progress than last time. I lose at least one night to practice, and we have our first tournament (of three in a row) this weekend, though it's at our home field, so hopefully the whole weekend won't be a wash, depending on how bad the heat wipes me out. Pray for overcast for all of Saturday & Sunday :) I love my heat, everyone knows, but man, this humidity is for the freakin' birds! Or maybe it's for the fish. Not for me, at any rate. Check back next week to see what, if any, progress I actually manage this week!

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